10 powerful traits of emotionally intelligent people

Do you know somebody so calm and surprisingly indifferent to the all drama around them? How the hell do they do it?

Some people have the superpower to remain cool, while there are fires of emotions around them. They could stay right in the middle of chaos and still stay unbothered by it. Having in mind how brutal life can get and how cruel our world sometimes is, these people show great emotional strength.

Here are 10 powerful and unique traits of emotionally intelligent people.

1. They know how to admit when they’ve made a mistake.

Emotionally strong people, just like anyone else, can be wrong sometimes. The difference is, they don’t fear admitting their mistakes and facing the consequences after them. They never hesitate to apologize if needed and fix the damage they’ve done.

2. They don’t let drama near them.

Someone who has the power to control their emotions doesn’t have time for drama. Instead of wasting time complaining and whining about a rough situation, they do whatever they can to make it better.

3. They don’t hide their emotions.

The emotional strength of those people doesn’t mean they hide their feelings. What it means is, they express their emotions in an intelligent way. They are not afraid to admit they are feeling down, or they need help. For emotionally strong people expressing their feelings is not a weakness, but a power.

4. They don’t settle.

Emotionally intelligent people are not afraid to chase their goals. They don’t stay in their comfort zone for too long, and they don’t fear accepting the challenges life gives them. They are not afraid to wait for the significant things in life.

5. They are not intimidated by the success of others.

Everyone has their own path, and emotionally strong people completely understand that. That’s why they never compare themselves to others. They truly believe in the idea that every person is on a unique journey designed especially for them. There is no place for comparison. Instead of getting annoyed by the success of others, emotionally intelligent people applaud it.

6. They establish boundaries.

Emotionally strong people set clear boundaries, and they are very good at protecting them. They won’t hesitate if they have to say ‘No’ to situations and people that have a negative impact on their lives. Besides, if someone doesn’t respect their boundaries, they don’t mind to confront them and protect their own wellbeing.

7. They don’t fear change.

Life goes on, and change is inevitable. Emotionally intelligent people know that, and rather than avoiding changes, they welcome them. What’s more, they understand that positive change starts with them. That’s why, instead of fearing change, they embrace it.

8. They don’t wait for things to happen.

Patience is one of the best qualities of emotionally strong people, but it doesn’t mean they wait for things to happen. They know what they want, and they work hard to get it. The whole idea of going with the flow isn’t for them. They believe that it’s better to have tried and failed than not to do anything at all.

9. They seek respect more than they seek attention.

It’s no secret that emotionally strong people value respect over attention. They don’t feel the need to be in the spotlights. What they seek from the people around them is mutual respect and appreciation. An emotionally intelligent person would never mistreat someone and would expect the same attitude from others.

10. They don’t seek validation.

Emotionally strong people know how to accept criticism, and they never get discouraged by people’s negative comments. They see criticism as motivation, and they use it as a tool that supports their self-growth.

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