You will be Challenged, but you will also be Amazed: 7 crucial things to remember before falling in love with a genuine woman with a complex mind

If you are not prepared to be constantly challenged, you shouldn’t fall in love with this woman.

She is a wild mixture of goodness, empathy, curiosity, and confidence. Her mind is so complex, you need ages to understand it. And when you finally think you’ve got it all, it turns out you have to start all over.

Here are seven essential things you need to remember before you fall in love with such a strong, kind-hearted woman.

1. She will be difficult to handle.

The complexity of her mind sometimes will make her temper almost unbearable. But if she lets you close enough, she will somehow show you what to do or say to calm her down and make her feel herself again. Listen closely. One thing is for sure, you will never get bored around her.

2. She will challenge you.

Keep in mind that she is not one of the childish girls that will do silly things to make you like them. She won’t fake-laugh at your stupid jokes. She is completely aware of who she is, and she doesn’t need tricks to make someone appreciate her. This will definitely challenge you and will make you respect and love her even more.

3. She will truly appreciate you.

If you think she is like all the other girls that get impressed by money and fame, you’re absolutely wrong. She won’t be easily fascinated with shiny material things. She will appreciate you for who you are. This woman will love you for your compassion, kindness, and decency. That’s what you need to work on if you wish to impress her. She can get all the expensive luxurious things she wants by herself.

4. She will listen.

This woman is the most empathetic and caring person you’ll ever meet. Not only she will listen to your troubles, but she will also understand you, and offer you her support. She knows that proper communication is key to any relationship. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, she will be there for you. Just make sure you’re there for her too.

5. She will struggle with expressing her feelings.

Life has taught her that being vulnerable in front of someone else might get her hurt. That’s why she has a hard time expressing her feelings. She has developed this defensive mechanism through the years, and now she finds it difficult to open her heart again. But if she sees you are worthy of her love, she will. Just have some patience and prove her she can trust you.

6. She will overthink everything.

There is a huge hustle and bustle going on in her mind. Her brain is buzzing all the time. That’s because she has this habit of questioning everything and overanalyzing any situation she happens to be in. Sometimes this will make her hard to love, but all you need to do is calm her down and have faith in her. She knows she can survive. Sometimes she just needs a little help to remember.

7. She will love you with all her heart.

When she falls in love, she falls deep. She never gives her heart away for people who don’t deserve it. It is too pure and authentic to go to waste for someone who wouldn’t appreciate it. That’s why, when she loves you, it will be real and truly special.

If you fall for a strong, complex minded woman, with a genuine heart, know that she is an all-or-nothing type of girl.

She is independent and self-aware, and nothing mediocre will ever impress her. If she chooses you, make sure you appreciate her love and don’t even think of letting her down.

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