Toxic People Have These 6 Personality Traits, Watch Out For Them

A toxic person can destroy your happiness.

Whether they are a friend, family member, or romantic partner, a toxic person has the power to destroy your emotional and mental wellbeing. The most important thing one should know in order to prevent this from happening is whether or not the people around them are toxic. When we are unaware of the toxic energy around us, we can easily become victims of abuse and manipulation. Therefore, to protect yourself and your wellbeing, you must know how to identify a toxic person.

There are 6 personality traits that toxic people generally have.

1. They are self-centered and selfish

Toxic people believe that the world revolves around them. They fail to take other people’s feelings into account and rarely notice when they hurt the ones around them. Unsurprisingly, they prioritize their own needs and often make their partners feel as though they are not important.

2. They are overly-possessive

Many toxic people tend to be deeply insecure. They fear that their friends and/or romantic partners will find somebody better and eventually leave them. For this reason, they tend to be overly possessive and extremely jealous.

3. They are controlling

As expected, those who are overly-possessive and jealous can often be controlling. In other words, they might try to control their romantic partner by telling them that they cannot wear certain things, talk to certain people, or go to certain places.

4. They have anger issues

When controlling people do not get their way, they can feel intense and uncontrollable anger. If someone triggers them into a rage, they can become dangerous and physically aggressive. Having a toxic partner who struggles with anger issues can be terrifying; consider leaving them or asking them to seek help.

5. They are manipulative

Toxic people use manipulation and thought-control tactics to get what they want. Some of these include gaslighting, triangulation, scapegoating, playing the victim, etc. They do not care about the effect this may have on your mental and emotional wellbeing. All they care about is getting what they want.

6. They are verbally aggressive

A toxic ‘friend’, family member, or romantic partner will hurt you by being verbally aggressive. This means mocking you, calling you names, and shaming you when they are angry.

Being aware of these 6 personality traits will help you identify a toxic person so that you can be cautious and protect yourself.

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