8 Common Traits Of Highly Manipulative People To Look Out For

It isn’t easy to spot a manipulator at first because their selfishness often goes unnoticed until you become too involved with them to simply let go and leave everything behind. 

Once they’ve become a big part of your life, these fraudsters will do anything they can to keep you stuck on them, all just so they can use you further. Maybe the worst thing about being in a manipulative relationship or friendship is that it makes you doubt other people’s honesty, which can mean making a habit out of second-guessing other relationships.

If you have a person in your life who exhibits the following characteristics, you should start thinking about removing them from your life as soon as possible.

1. They abide by the “my way, or highway” rule

They never take other people’s opinions and ideas into consideration. They like things to be done in a specific way and they are deaf to anything others suggest to them. They also respond poorly to constructive criticism.

2. They like to play dumb 

Manipulators will drain the energy of everyone around them by asking for whatever help they can get, only to go ahead and keep doing the same things that got them into the mess in the first place. And when they get called out on their actions, they just lay out the same excuses. “It’s my life, let me do my own mistakes.” And they have every right to choose the way they want to live, but they should not bring other people into their mess if they’re not willing to change. It’s a waste of time for the person trying their best to help and can damage their confidence in the value of the advice they give to others in the future.

3. They’re experts at lying

It’s no surprise that manipulators are great liars. They know what to say, and if they feel the need, they can re-adjust their words to make someone feel better. Just like their behavior and their mood, they will always be inconsistent in their stories.

4. They make you feel guilty

The only time they’ll ever be nice to you is when they want something out of you. They do everything with zero emotion, so nothing they do is genuine.

And should you try to disagree with some of their demands, they will make sure to do everything they can to make you feel guilty. Guilt-tripping you is their best tactic to get what they want.

5. They have no respect for other people’s boundaries

Manipulators do not value the importance of individuality in relationships. They have no respect for their partner’s boundaries because they want to own the person they’re with.

6. They change the subject when they see fit

Since the only thing manipulative people care about is themselves, they will often change the subject when they land in hot water. So, instead of trying to understand the other person’s grievances, they just steer the conversation in another direction. This helps them avoid being exposed as the fraudsters they are.

7. They are highly judgemental

Manipulators have it in their nature to judge everyone, without stopping to think about their own shortcomings first. This is because they are entitled beyond belief and they firmly believe in their own superiority over others.

8. They take advantage of any generosity coming their way

They love surrounding themselves with genuine and kind people because they are easier to manipulate and abuse. They stay clear from those with more rebellious characteristics who naturally stand up for themselves.

We hope this article was of help to you. Let us know if you believe we may have missed some important points, and please share if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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