What happens when you lose yourself to a toxic person

Have you ever been so madly in love that you ignored all of this special someone’s flaws and neglected your wellbeing to make them happy? Did that love end up being the biggest mistake of your life?

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a manual where we can find the answers to all of our questions. In order to learn something, we often need to make a mistake that later turns into a lesson. Most of the time, we need to lose something to discover its true value. The same goes for ourselves.

We sometimes need to lose ourselves to a toxic relationship to realize our true power.

This grim truth is that most of us recognize our true worth after we get our hearts broken. When you get hurt by the person you thought had your best interest at heart, you come to the realization that nothing in this world is as it seems. The ones that look most innocent, genuine, and kindhearted turn out to be the most experienced manipulators out there. Sadly, you understand this after you fall in love with one and get to know their true toxic colors.

When they leave you helpless and confused, you struggle to pick up all the pieces of your broken heart. You feel as if you were in a neverending anxiety attack that leaves you both angry and disappointed with yourself. This unbearable emotional trauma makes you feel the loneliest you have ever felt. Your pure soul gets consumed by the darkness this manipulative being doused you in, while your tired mind gradually loses faith in true love.

The pain you are going through makes you forget the person you were before you let that toxic person break you.

You can’t recall even a single memory from before they took advantage of your compassionate nature. They deceived you into believing their intentions were genuine when they were actually cruel from the very beginning. That’s how they made you forget your true power and neglect your own wellbeing. That’s how they tricked you into loving them.

But you weren’t always a lost soul. Once you were the most bubbly, cheerful, happy person in your circle. You had a light that shined brighter than all of the stars in the sky. Your smile had the energy to warm a million hearts. Your incredible sense of empathy knew no limits. Whenever someone had a problem to solve, they knew you were tho one who would understand them and help them get through the storm.

Sorrowfully, you gave your heart away to the one who wanted nothing but to take advantage of you. Your smile remained only a memory. Your vibrant, bubbly energy was replaced by sadness. You let them convince you they had the right to mistreat and disrespect you. You allowed them to play with your fragile heart and tear it into millions of pieces, some of which you will never be able to find again.

By letting your guard down, you exposed your soul to a deceiving individual who never knew the true meaning of loyalty.

They never made you feel as if you were their only choice. They never treated you with love and appreciation. Instead, they made you doubt yourself and question your self-worth. No matter how hard you tried to save what was left of your relationship, they never saw your effort. You believed they have the potential to change, but they never meant to do so. All they wanted from the very start was to take whatever they can from you and walk away as soon as they drain all of your energy.

However, you somehow managed to save yourself. You gathered what was left from your heart and rebuilt it again. You rediscovered your inner strength and destroyed all the toxicity that was wrapped around your soul.
Most importantly, you moved forward. And while doing so, you learned valuable life lessons. You learned not to trust every single person around you, and that not everyone is worthy of your love. This painful experience shaped you into the powerful, intelligent, incredibly compassionate being you are today.

Now you know the extent of your awe-inspiring potential and your true value.

Never let yourself forget that ever again!

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