5 powerful tips on how to deal with being a highly sensitive person

Highly sensitive people are way too often perceived as broken or weak.

But to feel strongly is not a sign of weakness, it is the quality of a truly living and compassionate soul. Sensitivity doesn’t equal brokenness and there is no shame in expressing your true feelings. The people who are often described as being ‘too emotional’ are the very pillars that keep the dream for a more thoughtful and caring world alive. You should never have to feel ashamed to express your feelings and show your smiles and tears to the world.

Many historically successful minds were highly sensitive, such as Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.

This should be celebrated as great news because it proves that sensitive people are not inherently disadvantaged.

But when we don’t understand how to deal with our sensitivity properly, we may end up pushing too hard in order to keep up with everybody else. We try doing what other people appear to do with ease and try to do it better than them, and this may lead to issues.

So, here are 5 things you can do to stop the struggle and start living properly:

1. Treat yourself with kindness

What would you do if your best friend or partner has become an emotional wreck? One can guess that you’d be kind, supportive and caring.

Now, try to put yourself in their shoes and stop being so hard on yourself. Life is hard. So, treat yourself with kindness and offer yourself the much-needed motivation without being judgemental.

Be empathetic to your situation and tell yourself it is going to get better. Understand that you are a stronger human being for surviving such a harsh experience. As clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson says in his book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote To Chaos,

Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

2. Stop looking for someone or something to fix you

Sensitivity isn’t a medical disorder but a psychological trait. Sadly, many certified health practitioners fail to understand this because sensory processing sensitivity is a fresh area of health research.

Of course, highly sensitive people are more prone to allergies or food sensitivities, medications, chemicals, and so on. Additionally, they’re more likely to feel overstimulated, and thus quicker to become stressed – which in turn can lead to other health problems. But in itself, sensitivity isn’t something that needs to be treated.

Successful sensitive people understand that they aren’t “broken.” If your mind is tired from searching for solutions to help you fix your “flaws,” know that the answers to living a more harmonious life with your sensitive side lie within you.

3. Practice mindfulness

The importance of mindfulness meditation cannot be overemphasized. Mindfulness is the pure act of being consciously present in the moment.

It’s a clean and effective psychological process that keeps your attention in the present moment in order to experience true reality.

It helps you put your mind at ease, reduces stress, and gets rid of negative thoughts. In addition, it helps you be in control of your emotions and thoughts. You can start by practicing mindfulness meditation with just 10 minutes a day. It is one of the best practices for your mental wellbeing.

4. Master the art of being indifferent

High emotional sensitivity is fueled by caring too deeply about circumstances and the effect they have on you. You must learn how to filter out the happenings.

In order to achieve that, you have to understand how your self-worth outweighs all negativity that crosses your path.

You need to believe that your mental wellbeing is the most vitally important thing that no feeling, no matter how piercing, can take control of your will to preserve contentment and peace.

Your life is in your hands and so are your emotions. It is you, and you alone, who has the power to direct your emotions in the desired direction. Once this belief is placed firmly in your heart, you’ll find the emotional sensitivity withering away.

5. Talk to someone close to you

One of the most devastating things about emotional overload for highly sensitive people is the feeling of being lonely and isolated. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

It can be immensely helpful to share your thoughts and feelings with a close friend, your partner or a dear family member.

Pour out your soul and tell them how you managed to deal with your hardships or even how you miserably failed to control your feelings. Simply express yourself and let it all come rushing out. They aren’t only going to understand your feelings and offer you emotional support, they may also give you a fresh perspective on how to deal with your issues.

If you feel that your emotions are getting out of control, it may also be helpful to speak to a professional.

Emotional flooding can be a regular experience. And you are part of the 20% of the population who are highly sensitive. You are not alone in this! Try not to take everything to heart and learn to let go of certain thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you well. Kick the obsessed critic out of your system.

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