5 Things Highly Sensitive People Need To Lead A Happy Life

People with high sensitivity do not have an easy life.

Their elevated sensitivity can lead them to develop an empathy that makes them suffer immensely and often they hit the wall that embodies the incomprehension of others.

The way in which highly sensitive people process information is in the base of the issue. Loud sounds, images of violence and suffering, bright lights, as well as crowds of people, can affect them deeply. Thus, to be happy, they need silent environments where their senses can rest. Although that is not enough.

Let us explore the 5 vital components highly sensitive people need to lead a happier life:

1. A slower pace of life

Because they process information on a deeper level, highly sensitive people may move a little slower than others. They may require more time to do certain tasks, like leaving the house in the morning. It may take them slightly longer to make decisions, such as which grocery item to buy at the store because they are taking in, not just the plethora of choices, but also nutritional information, price, and how they feel about chicken noodle soup. All of a sudden their mind switches to chickens being crammed in tiny cages and then slaughtered… and they need to take a few moments to ponder whether they can live with this reality on their dinner plate. All of this can take time.

2. Time to unwind after a busy day

Like introverts, highly sensitive people go on for too long. Their extra-sensitive nervous system absorbs mounds of information and processes it to the smallest degree. As a consequence, they may get easily overwhelmed and worn out after a busy day. Relaxing time lowers their stimulation levels and restores their sanity.

3. Close and meaningful relationships

While highly sensitive people are not necessarily introverted, they enjoy an intelligent company and need a kindred soul understanding of their sensitive nature. Such a person can help them to protect themselves from overstimulation and validate their feelings, facilitating their day-to-day decisions. However, if they cannot find someone who understands and values them, they prefer to be alone because superficial relationships lack charm and can bore them easily. Highly sensitive people require deep connections and often avoid meaningless relationships at all costs.

4. A creative outlet

Many highly sensitive people have a strong urge to create. They channel their poignant observations and emotions into art, poetry, music and more. Author of Overcoming Low Self-Esteem with Mindfulness, Deborah Ward, writes “Sensitivity can be overwhelming, but it is also like having extra RAM on my personal hard drive…Creativity is the pressure valve for all that accumulated emotional and sensory data.”

5. A strong sense of purpose

Some people seem to float through life without a clear direction or purpose. For highly sensitive people this is unthinkable. On the contrary, they usually spend a lot of their time reflecting on philosophical matters. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? They are always looking for a deeper meaning that gives purpose to their existence. If they do not find it, they can suffer an existential crisis. Their happiness depends to a large degree on finding their place in the world.

Are you a highly sensitive person? What are your requirements for a happier life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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