7 things mentally strong women know not to do

While the exercises that can help you build mental muscle are the same for both women and men, gender can play a role when it comes to the counterproductive habits that often keep us stuck.

The first step for creating positive change is to recognize your unhealthy habits. Your good habits will become much more effective when you lay off the things you know are holding you back.

So here are 7 things mentally strong women know not to do:

1. They don’t insist on being perfect

The ironic thing about perfectionism is that it actually causes you to perform worse. The pressure to make no mistakes and the fear of not being good enough will backfire sooner or later. You should set high expectations for yourself but never set the bar impossibly high.

2. They don’t compare themselves to others

The pressure to compare yourself is everywhere, from marketing campaigns insisting that certain products will make you more beautiful than other women, to “everyone looks fitter, happier, and wealthier on social media.” But comparing yourself to other people will only bring you disappointment and discouragement in the long run. Instead of comparing yourself to other women, you should only see them as opinion holders you can learn from.

3. They don’t downplay their own success

Surely no one wants to come across as a narcissist and that is why there is a lot of pressure to be humble. It’s often easy to downplay your own success to such an extent that you don’t take credit for your achievements. But there is nothing wrong in saying that you are proud of what you have accomplished and what you’re grateful for what you have. 

4. They don’t treat their vulnerabilities as weaknesses

Even though admitting one’s mistakes or asking for help can often be seen as weaknesses, being vulnerable is actually part of being strong. It does take courage to put yourself in a position in which you risk being hurt, but being vulnerable is key when it comes to forming meaningful relationships.

5. They never put other people down to lift themselves up

While it may seem tempting to elevate your own status by pointing at someone else’s flaws, genuine cheerleaders are the ones who truly succeed in life.

6. They have no fear of breaking the rules

Rule breakers pave the way for positive change. Apply for the job you want even if you’re not fully qualified. Don’t worry too much about acting, dressing, and sounding like your colleagues in the office. Live on your own terms and be willing to stretch or break the rules every once in a while.

7. They don’t let self-doubt stop them from reaching their goals

Don’t listen to your brain when it tries to convince you that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t have any business trying for the hard things. When you look around you’re likely to think that everyone is far more confident than you are. The truth is, all of us experience self-doubt, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Embrace your uncertainties and trust that your self-doubt can in reality aid you in staying focused on performing at your best.

And don’t believe everything you think… Just because your brain tells you that you’re not cut out for something doesn’t make it true.

Building mental muscle

None of us are born mentally strong, but we all have the opportunity to work on building our mental muscles.

Start engaging in regular exercises that will help you gain more control over your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Make a vow to give up the unhealthy habits that hold you back from being the best version of yourself.

Can you think of any more things that make mentally strong women different from the rest? Let us know in the comment section below.

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