7 Things to Remind You of Your Worth When in Doubt  

Many people are quietly suffering of feelings of worthlessness and failure. They just don’t know what to do about it and how to help themselves. Fixing this problem isn’t impossible. In fact, it doesn’t take that much of an effort.

Here are 7 things to help you restore your faith in yourself and realize how valuable you are:

1. Don’t believe everything you think.

Sometimes, we tend to give our negative thoughts too much room in our heads. This results in sadness, depression and other negative mood states. We are only human and we all have such times in our lives. The thing to remember here is not to let your head fool you into believing everything that goes through it. Express your sadness, let it all go, but do not give too much power to your negative thoughts.

2. Everybody deserves love.

When you are feeling sad, you might think that you don’t deserve anything or anyone. But the truth is, in times like that you deserve love and compassion more than ever. And the most important person you need love from is… yourself. Your love has the strongest power. The moment you start loving and respecting yourself, you will notice how drastically your life can change. Your love is the best gift you can give yourself.

3. Appreciating where you are now will take you further.

Being grateful for who you are and what you have will help and motivate you to go further on your lifetime journey. Being anxious about the future and not letting go of the past will only hold you back because you will feel fearful to take the next step. Accept where you are right now. Only then you will be able to decide where you want to go.

4. Comparing ourselves to other people can be a good thing.

Everybody has someone to look up to. The people we usually admire have qualities that we respect and aim for. But many people connect comparison to jealousy and these don’t always go together. People who are constantly trying to improve compare themselves to successful people. They see what kind of qualities they have and try to work on them. People who are jealous can’t often see the whole picture. For example, if you are feeling jealous that your friend got a raise, learned a new language and travels often, you are not considering that they might have paid with hard work for all of that. Next time you feel the jealousy arising in you, ask yourself why exactly do you feel this way- is it because you wish you were more motivated, organized or positive. And remember- the people who you compare yourself to, have someone who  they compare to, too.

5. You will never learn self-love through the hateful stuff you tell yourself on a daily basis.

Hating yourself for all your failures, won’t erase them and it won’t help you to achieve more. Telling yourself you are not worth anything, won’t make you more lovable as well as repeating yourself how lazy you are won’t make you more motivated. The words you tell yourself become the house you live in. Choose wisely what words you brainwash yourself with every day, are they words of love and care, or are they negative stories that deprive your from being the strongest version of yourself.

6. You are not entirely made of flaws.

We, people, are complicated creatures. We are never all good or all bad. Every person has his own strengths and weaknesses. This is what makes us human after all. When you are stuck in a place where you feel you are not good enough, remember that what is right with you is always more than what is wrong with you. People tend to focus their attention on their flaws, no matter how small, and it has something to do with the fact that most of us are constantly trying to do better and improve ourselves. But by obsessing over what is wrong with us we won’t be able to see our strengths.

7. We usually feel worthless when we have concentrated on perfection and not progress for way too long.

Realize that nothing is ever perfect. Why strive for something impossible when you can be going further and further? Self-loathing is also a result of looking in the wrong direction – focusing on how much more you have to go rather than on how far you have already come. So reminding yourself of your achievements more often will only motivate you to do even better.

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