There Are Five Types of Friends You Probably Have But Don’t Need

Friends are known as the family we choose. 

A group of supportive friends who love and care about you can change your life. Everybody deserves to be surrounded by people who they know will be there for them no matter what. When we meet somebody new, we take time to observe and analyze their character before deciding whether to become friends or remain acquaintances. However, we rarely (if ever) pause and reflect on the way our existing friends treat us. By existing friends, we mean those friends who we have known ever since we were children. That is, people who have always been in our lives. If you were to stop and observe the way they behave and the way they make you feel, you might realize that they are detrimental to your wellbeing.

There are 5 types of friends that you do not need in your life.

1. The complainer

We all have that one friend who cannot seem to talk about anything without complaining. They see the negative side of everything and everyone, ignoring all the positive qualities they may have. Their constant complaining always leaves you drained and overwhelmed. What is more, they ignore the things you say when you try to offer solutions to the problems they complain about. This only shows that they do not want to solve anything – they just want to complain.

2. The naysayer

This type of friend is always criticizing everyone and everything – including you and your ideas. They make you feel belittled, unheard and hurt as they constantly judge you and present you with a hundred reasons why the things you say are wrong. Unlike the friends who offer constructive criticism, the naysayer’s aim is to be cynical and hurtful.

3. The doubter

This friend is usually two-faced as they seem supportive on the outside but secretly doubt your abilities and expect you to fail. What is worse, if or when you do fail, they will be the first to say that they thought you would not succeed. They constantly remind you of your weaknesses and shortcomings, making you feel as though you are not good enough.

4. The bragger

Braggers are easy to identify as they are always talking about themselves and their achievements. No matter how small their accomplishment may be, they will make it seem as though it is an extraordinary achievement. This may not bother you if you are happy for them (as a friend should be). However, the bragger tends to tear you down as they constantly try to ‘one-up’ you by talking about their success when you mention an achievement of yours. Their behavior stems from hidden insecurities, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence. For this reason, they cannot be happy for you (or anybody else whose success makes them feel threatened).

5. The flaker

This friend always comes up with elaborate excuses to explain why they have to bail on plans you have made. While it is normal for all people to bail from time to time, the flaker is extremely unreliable. In fact, at this point in your friendship, you probably already know that any plans you make might – and most probably will – be canceled. You deserve somebody who makes time for you and treats you with respect, not somebody who takes your time and effort for granted.

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