Real Friends Are Hard To Find But Worth The Wait

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find genuine people to surround ourselves with, and, until we do, we normally go through a lot of struggles. We come across all kinds of self-centered, resentful, and abusive individuals on our journeys forward.

And yes, we cannot expect others to treat us the way we treat them, but naturally, we all want to find like-minded people to share our lives with, and, most importantly, true friends.

At one point or another, we come to realize that just a handful of people truly care about our wellbeing.

And while we keep on going through the hardships of life, we witness a lot of ugliness and dishonesty around us.

Those we call our friends are the ones that help us deal with all the negativity by giving us hope and joy through their presence. They stick with us through thick and thin and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves while keeping our feet to the ground at the same time. They help us become better people.

Sadly, in today’s world, it’s become a rarity to find a true friend that would not betray you at the first opportunity they get.

Some of the “friendships” you may have in life could leave you mentally damaged, and make you start doubting even well-intentioned people.

And a lot of the time you are completely unaware of their intentions until their ugly actions give you a reality check. You are either blind to their toxicity, or you try to convince yourself that there’s still hope for saving this friendship somehow.

There are times when you just don’t realize that it’s much worse to keep disingenuous people around than to be alone for a while. You get so used to having company and being able to call someone your friends that you start being afraid of looking for new ones. But you shouldn’t fear change.

At one point, these fakers will start distorting your vision of the world and sooner or later they will show you their true colors. And then you will truly be in pain.

Life is too short for fake friendships and relationships.

You won’t be able to get back the time you wasted with fake friends and the fear of being alone will only stop you from finding honest and well-meaning people.

And this is why you need to concentrate on finding people who accept the true you and will always stand behind you no matter what life throws at you.

Be careful who you trust and make sure you don’t waste your life on people who only seek to use you for their own personal gains. Real friends are out there, you just need to be a little patient to find them.

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