The day you push her away is the day she will realize she deserves better

She has a soul full of light. She believes in change, and she sees the good in everyone. When she loves, she loves with all her heart.

So be careful how you treat her, as you will never find anyone like her. 

This stunning woman loves you. She is putting all of her into your relationship. She sacrifices her time and energy to make you happy. Her loyalty is beyond this world. She puts all of this effort for one significant reason – she believes in you. 

No matter what you say or do, she is always there for you. She believes you will be there for her too. She believes you will eventually have a change of heart and embrace the goodness within you. So she bravely deals with everything you put her through because she has faith in you. 

But her patience has its limits. 

Even though she loves you deeply, she isn’t blindly in love. She sees the effort you put into strengthening the bond you share. She sees when you refuse to compromise and choose to prioritize your own comfort. This strong woman isn’t some naive girl who would chase after you even in you mistreat her. She is a powerful human being who is aware of her worth and knows she deserves to be treated with respect and decency. 

The day you hurt a woman like that is the day you lose her. 

She will be hurt. Her heart will be broken into a million pieces. Knowing how much she gave to this relationship, she will be deeply disappointed in herself. She will blame herself for refusing to acknowledge the signs in time. But she will heal. 

Your betrayal will teach her how to protect her heart from people who come with cruel intentions and want to take advantage of her kindness. The way you maltreat her will remind her how much she actually deserves. It will also open her eyes to one harsh truth – no matter how much you give to some people, they will never appreciate your effort. 

After she gives herself enough time to regain her strength and reconnect with her true powerful self, she will be ready to get back on her feet and conquer the world. She will come back stronger than ever.

If you want to keep her close, make sure you never cross the line. Respect her boundaries, pay her the attention she deserves, and make sure she feels loved. She probably loves you more than you deserve, so take good care of her heart. Accept her with all of her wildness, just as she accepts you with all of your flaws

Because the moment you fail to recognize her worth and betray her trust, she will not hesitate to leave. And as she walks away, she will never turn her back no matter how much she cares for you. 

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