If you really love her, there is absolutely no valid excuse to treat her like shit

Society nowadays has really made is seem like loving someone is a quite hard thing to do.

You know, living in this modern era of this so-called hook-up culture, where its easier to sleep with a thousand people rather than find some true value in our relationships and ourselves.

And no, this is not to say that sleeping around is bad. In all honesty, I could not care less about it. Everybody has the freedom to do as they please as long as said actions are within some basic, human moral guidelines and do not hurt anyone in their way.

So, where was I? Ah, yes, love.

The concept of love appears to be very hard to get, almost inexistent if you will. However, I do not believe in that sentiment whatsoever. To be quite frank, I think the opposite. Love is and should be easy when it occurs, of course. You don’t just magically fall in love with someone at your command, however, when it happens it should be pure and it definitely should be worthwhile.

Because what’s the point otherwise?

I personally don’t believe that love should be harder than it is supposed to be and that you should have to fight and cry over every single thing until or if you get it. Some may argue that’s the beauty of it, others may say that’s what makes it worthwhile, however, I highly disagree.

It might very well be a part of life, as well as a part of how things go, at least in some cases. To each their own. I have no interest in changing anyone’s opinion of love, true love or even human interactions in general. It’s quite a philosophical thematic if we dig a little deeper, so this is my tiny, little disclaimer to you that I do not believe my opinion is superior to any other differentiating to mine.

So, what about love?

Well, here is what I believe should not be the case when you love a woman.

First things first, when you love a woman she should not feel like she has to chase after you because of being provoked to think she is not good enough.

It’s sometimes as though she has to prove herself before she is allowed to be loved unconditionally. Well, for both women and men, may I add, that should not be the case. While it could be fun to play hard to get in the beginning, it should not last as long as it occasionally happens, at least according to my perspective.

Secondly, playing little mind games is, quite frankly, the antonym of being in love. If you have the time to indulge in such activities, you might as well stop then and there.

To my belief, it is not rocket science to show the love you claim to have for the other person, therefore, there no excuses for treating a woman horribly. If that’s a form of entertainment for you, please subscribe to a media-service provider available to you, and leave her life.

Thirdly, do not apologize for the actions and behavior you plan on repeating.

It is a loss of time and really does exhibit the inability to love a woman properly.

Mixed signals and sleepless nights? No, that is not what she deserves in the slightest. So, please, whatever you might think that you are feeling, it is definitely not love. Treating an individual with respect, caring for them and putting their needs first is what love should, at least to my humble opinion, be about. So, the people who do love, I think, should be capable of showing it.

And lastly, it should not be difficult to not make a woman suffer. On the contrary, it should be easy to want to make her happy and do so every day.

Yes, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship and every such has its own ups and downs, however, the need to make someone your priority should always be there.

Hence, making the effort to be your best is part of why love is worthwhile, especially when we’re talking about pure love.

So, you should really question your intentions towards a woman if the mentioned above points do not come naturally to you. You may be feeling some sort of attraction or connection, however, it is quite frankly not enough. She does not deserve to feel hurt, rejected, insecure, or anything even slightly of that sort. Therefore, you should know better and let her be. Someone far more deserving of her time, energy and effort should be in your place.

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