When you pushed her away she realized how strong she actually is

She is not the type of person who would spend months crying about you. This woman is too powerful to waste her time like that. Undoubtedly, she would be devastated at first, but she wouldn’t let this break her down.

When you pushed her away, you helped her realize just how emotionally strong she actually is.

This heartbreak taught her she should never again settle for anything less than she deserves. Losing you was the best thing that could ever happen to her. This way, she saw her true worth. She saw that she didn’t deserve to be treated the way you treated her.

Don’t get this wrong, she did love you. She was ready to give everything up for you. She wanted to grow old beside you. But you didn’t appreciate her devotion in time. You couldn’t see how much she supported you and wanted you to succeed. You were blind to see her incredible loyalty and dedication to your relationship. The relationship you decided to end so unexpectedly.

Besides, she might still love you, but she would never let you walk all over her. She would never let you mistreat her like that ever again. Once she realized your love was slipping away, she knew she had to let you go. She knew that a person who is not sure of their feelings about her is a person not worthy of her valuable time and energy.

By pushing her away, you helped her reconnect with herself.

This woman was never someone you could easily manipulate. She was always aware of your thoughts and your feelings about her. That’s why the second she felt you were no longer appreciating her, she decided to stop trying. She values her energy too much to waste it on a dead cause. Moreover, she knew, whatever happens, she would be able to heal on her own and rise again.

She has suffered from a broken heart many times in her life. That’s what made her this strong, independent, and emotionally intelligent woman she is today. And that’s what stopped her from wasting her time in trying to convince you to come back. She realized that if you once wanted to let go, then you never really loved her. You never really saw the beauty in her soul. And you failed to recognize her extraordinary personality.

She was the person who was always there for you. She rooted for you and neglected her own goals to help you achieve yours. This woman believed in your potential, even when no one else did. Her soul and her heart belonged to you. Until you decided to ignore all that and mistreated her.

That was the turning point for both of you. From that moment, you became strangers again.

But that’s alright because she is strong enough to move on. She is an extremely powerful woman who isn’t going to let anyone hold her back anymore. She realizes that life is too darn short to spend it with people who don’t appreciate your love.

And the best thing is, she doesn’t regret anything that happened. In fact, she is grateful things ended for you two. Because this opened her eyes to the world. She finally recognized her own worth, her dazzling soul, and her stunning potential.

Eventually, you will see that all of this was your loss only. But she will be far gone, chasing her dreams, achieving her goals, and living her best life with someone who is glad to have her in their life.

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