You will regret losing the woman who waited for you to pull yourself together

She has been waiting for forever until you realized how valuable she is.

And now, you regret losing this good, genuine woman, who was always patient with you and supported you no matter what.

Maybe you thought she wouldn’t think about leaving you because she loved you too much. Well, she has her pride, and now she knows her worth. That’s why she had the courage to leave.

You were constantly taking her for granted. She couldn’t take this anymore.

Before, she was too naive to believe your sugarcoated lies. She kept telling herself you will change, you just need some time. She gave you many second chances, and all you did was neglecting her.

This woman truly believed in your potential.

She was hoping that one day you will pull yourself together, and you’ll see what you were missing this whole time. But this day never came.

Now she’s gone, and there’s nothing you can do about it. She’s done dealing with your insecurities, and your self-centered nature. She’s done sacrificing her time for a man who wouldn’t even listen to her. Your ignorance helped her see she deserves better. Without realizing it, you helped her free herself from your toxicity, and move on.

She fell down on her knees. She cried. Then she wiped her tears and promised herself she would never let anyone else treat her the way you treated her.

Her journey is yet to begin.

First, she needs to learn how to love herself. All this time, she was giving all her love to you, and you didn’t appreciate it. Now, she’s ready to let go of all the negativity you caused her, and reconnect with her true self.

On this journey, she needs someone who would see the magic in her eyes. Someone who will fall in love with the way she sees the world. Someone who will support even her wildest dreams. You couldn’t be that someone for her.

That’s why now you regret losing this amazing woman, who was once ready to spend the rest of her life with you.

As she recognized how valuable she truly is, she now knows exactly what she wants in life. Or at least what she doesn’t want. She doesn’t want to be let down from people she gave her all to. She doesn’t want to get her heart broken anymore.

Thanks to you, this genuine woman realized she can do much better.

Her unique personality deserves to be seen by someone who will truly appreciate it.

When you pushed her away, it wasn’t her loss. It was yours.

Now, you subconsciously search for her in every other woman you see. You were too afraid of commitment, and now you’re paying the price. You lost the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Maybe you will need to ask yourself “What have I done?”  many times until you understand your mistakes and your faults. Hopefully, you would take this as a valuable life lesson, and you will never take anyone for granted ever again.

Meanwhile, the wonderful woman you let go will gracefully take over the world.

She won’t stop chasing her dreams and achieving her goals. Now she knows who she truly is and what she’s capable of. She knows that she should give her love only to someone who will see how magical she is. Thanks to you.

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