Stay single until you find someone who puts effort into proving their love to you

Who says love is supposed to hurt and leave us emotionally wounded? Not every love goes through tears, pain, agony, and sacrifices. Real love would never make you turn your back to your true nature and lose yourself.

Love is supposed to heal you, not damage you.

No one says loving is easy. In fact, it could be the most challenging thing that could ever happen to you. What matters the most is who you choose to go through those challenges with. And often that choice is the hardest one you will ever have to make.

That’s because this choice will predetermine your whole life. Blindly giving yourself away would never lead you to anything good. You should not let yourself waste a minute with the wrong person. Being in your own company is a thousand times better than being surrounded by untrustworthy people.

So, it’s way better to stay alone until you meet someone who will genuinely put effort into proving their love to you.

Stay single until you find someone who is willing to give as much as you are for the sake of a strong and healthy relationship.

Be patient until you find the one who is going to love you the way you deserve. The one who will see your true colors and appreciate you for who you truly are.

Stay alone until you meet someone who already knows what they want from their life. Don’t rush to give yourself away until you come across the one who will treat you like the precious person you are. Don’t settle before someone recognizes what a blessing it would be to have you in their life. Appreciate your own company until you meet the one who shows you how remarkably beautiful your soul is.

Stay single until you find that special someone who will not only share their wildest dreams with you but will also listen to yours.

Someone who looks deep into your eyes whenever you’re speaking, and pays attention to your every word. Wait until you meet the one who will make you feel like you’re exceptional. The one who will love you with the same passion when you’re at your best and your worst days.

Stay alone until you find the person who will be proud to hold your hand and show you off. The one who will make you dance in the rain. The one who will take you stargazing and will talk to you about how wholesome their world is with you in it.

Don’t settle until you find someone who puts effort into making your relationship work.

Someone who pays attention to the little things. Someone who makes the sweetest gestures just to see a cheerful smile on your face. Save your heart for the one who will never forget to tell you how much they love and appreciate you.

Stay single until you meet someone who won’t be afraid to open up to you.

Be patient until someone makes your soul shine and lets you dive into their world. Let your heart decide to whom you will give it away. Give yourself time until you find the one who will do whatever it takes to keep you in beside them.

You deserve to be with someone who will constantly make sure you feel loved and cherished. Your heart deserves to be captivated by someone whose intentions are pure and authentic. You need to be with a person who will never take you for granted and will always show you how special you are.

You owe it to yourself.

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