Stay loyal or stay away: 9 surprising truths about loyalty

One of the greatest core values a person can have, both in the business world and in our personal lives is loyalty.

Unfortunately, a lot of people these days underestimate its power and prioritize their own interests over being loyal.

Loyalty stands for commitment, dedication, and devotion. It is an essential ingredient of any successful business, as well as any long-lasting, loving relationship. Both our professional and our personal relationships need to be built on trust, respect, and empathy, which are the most significant elements of loyalty.

Below are listed nine surprising truths you may not know about the essence of loyalty.

1. Loyalty is rare.

Sadly, nowadays, loyalty is extremely hard to find. In today’s world, most people are too busy figuring out how to survive, and they forget the importance of genuine human contact. We are constantly forced to compete with each other, which sometimes makes us betray one another so we can win. But are there really winners, if we crush every moral and belief we have on the way?

2. Being loyal is a difficult challenge.

Oftentimes, if the atmosphere around us is hostile or adverse, being loyal can be extremely difficult. However, no matter the situation, loyalty will always guarantee you a clean conscience and a good night’s sleep. It allows you to be true to yourself and to your values, which is something not many people can say for themselves these days.

3. Loyalty should never be submissive.

Being loyal means being thoughtful, devoted, and vulnerable. But it doesn’t mean being naive. The harsh truth is, even the people we love the most are capable of betraying us. That’s why we should always be mindful and carefully choose who to be loyal to. Never let your loyalty become slavery. If people can’t appreciate what you’re bringing to the table, simply let them eat alone.

4. You should be loyal to the past too.

Our past choices and mistakes are what made us the people we are today. We should never hide or run from our past. Instead, we need to accept it and be loyal to it. After all, if it weren’t for our previous decisions, and our past downfalls, we wouldn’t be able to learn the significant life lessons we know today.

5. Loyalty demands integrity.

You can’t be loyal to your boss and not be loyal to your family or vice versa. If you are a genuine, loyal person, then you will treat everyone with the same respect and consideration. Otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself you know what loyalty truly means.

6. There are people you should never trust.

Unfortunately, there are many people you should never give your trust and loyalty to. These are the ones who guiltlessly betray others. What’s more, these are the people who make lying and deceiving seem like a child’s play. They carelessly fall into a web of lies and effortlessly fool everyone around them.

7. Loyalty goes hand in hand with gratitude.

A loyal person is a grateful person. The ungrateful most often tend to be disloyal. As already mentioned, such people don’t deserve your sincerity, your trust, and your fidelity. They don’t deserve any more second chances and compromises. You should always reward loyalty with loyalty, and disloyalty with distance.

8. Betrayal never comes from your enemies.

The most painful truth about loyalty is that the ones who break it are usually the people we love and trust the most. But it’s when someone breaks your trust, the time when you realize who is actually being true to you. And it’s the time when you learn the importance of forgiveness. Forgiving someone who betrayed you, and forgiving yourself for letting them, is one of the hardest challenges life brings us.

9. Loyalty pays off.

Being loyal always pays off. Sometimes, it may seem like no one appreciates your authenticity, but this shouldn’t stop you from staying true to your core values.

People who embrace their loyalty even when it seems impossible are people worthy of admiration and respect.

Nothing compares to a loyal, genuine soul.

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