7 Awesome Traits Of People With True Integrity

Integrity is not something all of us have.

We try to come off as great people in front of others but as soon as they look away we take off our masks, and that is serious problem.

Instead of being good people regardless, many of us let our wants get the best of us. We become shifty demons who just want to use other people for our own personal interests, and honestly, that needs to come to an end. Of course, we should be true to ourselves, but we should, in addition, work towards ensuring that who we are is a humble and helping person.

The Oxford Dictionary defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”

People with integrity defend what they stand for despite the words odds and are always ready to go the extra mile if the situation calls for it. Sure, we’ve heard that word thrown around many times, but how many people have you seen who actually live by it?

The more integrity you work towards cultivating inside you and help others to find in themselves the better. Rather than being one person when you’re alone and another when you’re among people, let the true you always shine forth.

Below we will explore some of the awesome key characteristics that define people with true integrity.

Can you recognize any of them in yourself?

1. They believe in mutual respect

People with integrity expect in return what they offer to others. If they’ve treated you with nothing but respect they expect you to treat them the same way. They see you as an equal until you screw up.

2. They stay true to their word

They are the kinds of people you know will always keep their promises. They don’t lie or sneak off last minute. If they tell you they’ll do something they will make sure to follow through.

3. They aren’t ashamed to apologize

These people are always quick to say sorry when they know they’ve made a mistake. If they say or do the wrong thing they make sure to apologize. They do not allow their pride to get in the way of making amends.

4. They have a lot of patience 

People with integrity are highly patient with others. They don’t rush to create stories in their head before they know the whole truth. They give others the time they need to come to them and make things right.

5. They stand up for their values

They are not afraid to speak up their minds and stand up for what they believe in. When they see risk they make sure to voice their opinions on the situation at hand. You will never see them idly standing by.

6. They give other people the benefit of the doubt

While it may come as natural to most, people with integrity always give others the benefit of the doubt. They look at things from every aspect, because to them, everyone has the right to a fair trial.

7. They don’t like procrastinating – if something needs getting done, they do it

People with integrity are always first to finish what needs to be done. They can’t stand pointless time wasting. They do all the work first in order to rest with a clear mind. To them work comes before party.

Do you see yourself as a person with integrity?

Let us know your thoughts on the subject by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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