7 types of people with a high sense of integrity

Integrity defines our moral values.

Although we are not born with it, we can cultivate it over time, because it’s a virtue, based on our behavior.

In its core, integrity is all about doing the right thing, no matter what it may cost.

People with a high sense of integrity understand the need of honesty we have these days. There are many examples of such genuine and empathetic people.

Here are 7 types of people with integrity we hopefully would see more of in the future.

1. Romantic partners who are against vicious behaviors such as name-calling.

Like it or not, sometimes we mistreat our partners and we get pretty mean with each other. However, not every argument needs to include name-calling and aggressive behavior.

All these below-the-belt actions are highly out of the line for people with integrity. There are many ways you can argue without being nasty and unfair. For a healthy relationship, it’s important to always show humanity and kindness, even when you’re fighting over something.

2. Volunteers.

A handful of good people still take volunteering as a great part of their lives on Earth. We awfully need them in our society. Whether it’s work for an animal shelter, giving food to the homeless, or other non-profit activity, it certainly shows a high level of integrity. Even if it’s just coaching your child’s school soccer team. We can only learn from those generous people.

3. Parents apologizing to their children.

It’s not easy to apologize when you’ve made a mistake. For parents, it’s much harder when they realize they expect too much of their children, and they need to ask them for forgiveness. Moms and dads who do apologize to their kids are truly sincere and honest.

When parents get overwhelmed, for instance, by their stressful day at work, it often reflects on their children. The ones, who have integrity, understand that at such moments they need to swallow their pride and apologize for their behavior.

4. People with power apologizing for wasting others’ time.

Unfortunately, many people in positions of power tend to disrespect others below them. Perhaps, they feel too important because of their high status in society. On the other side, there are a lot of company higher-ups who have the integrity to apologize when they keep people waiting for them. For example, when they keep future employees waiting a long time until they contact them.

Not every person with power is careless about others’ feelings. In fact, some are quite empathetic and understanding. Besides, they do acknowledge the people who depend on them, and they are ready to apologize whenever they’ve kept them waiting.

5. Bosses applauding their employee’s accomplishments.

Bosses with integrity are probably the best leaders. They acknowledge their staff’s achievements, and they highlight their accomplishments. They completely destroy the stereotype of a narcissistic, criticizing bosses that over-push their employees to the max.

These people know they are good at what they do, and they don’t feel the need for power. They understand they are growing in a business manner exactly because of their capable staff. That’s why they show openly their appreciation towards their employees. What’s more, by doing so, they establish a healthy, kind environment at their workplace, which makes their staff work harder and be happy about it.

6. Drivers who are not aggressively using the horn.

Yes, the roads are a tough place we all have to put up with. Many drivers have no idea what they’re doing. Thre are even more behind the wheel who yell and use the horn, and often name-calling at them. But not every driver is like this.

Believe it or not, there are good drivers, who don’t lose their temper over the smallest thing. They know that driving can be really hard, and they don’t rush to criticize someone over one wrong move.

7. Anyone who gives others the benefit of the doubt.

Admit it. It’s much easier to blame someone and get defensive when you only can assume what actually happened. These days, we are over-stressed, and we don’t really think about all the aspects of one situation. That’s why we get easily irritated, and we blame others before we even know the truth.

On the contrary, there are people with a higher sense of integrity who know how to give others the benefit of the doubt.

They believe that their intentions were honest, or they misunderstood something. They don’t jump into conclusions before they know the whole truth. This is one of the noblest behaviors you can engage in your life.

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