Surround yourself with genuine people who illuminate your path

One of the most important things in life is the people you choose to spend it with.

They represent everything you love, everything you like, and everything you are.

Unfortunately, until you find the right people to surround yourself with, you must go through a lot of challenges. You meet people who care only about themselves and constantly drag others down. You see that no one treats you the way you treat them. What’s more, sooner or later, you come to the painful realization that only a few people actually care about how you feel.  And as you continue to go on this rough path, you witness all the toxicity and dishonesty in this world.

One way or another, people have the greatest impact on our lives. It’s inevitable.

And the ones you call friends are the ones who help you bear this wild journey you’re on. They lift your spirits and support you no matter what. True friends inspire you to be the best version of yourself and keep you grounded at the same time. They help you grow.

The key phrase here is true friends. Because nowadays, it is extremely rare to find a real, genuine human being, who wouldn’t betray you the second they have a chance. Unfortunately, some of these friendships you develop on the way can completely damage your mental health and steal your happiness away. They can make you feel worthless and leave you with nothing but broken hopes.

Can we spot toxic people before we get hurt?

Sadly, most of the time, you are completely oblivious to people’s intentions until you get slapped by reality. You’re either blind to see their true colors, or you try to convince yourself that there is still something good in them.

Sometimes you don’t realize that it’s much sadder to keep fake friends around than to be all by yourself. You get so used to being around them that you become afraid to let go of their toxic impact and look for new friends. The thought of being alone scares you. But it shouldn’t.

Eventually, these fake friendships are going to destroy your vision of the world around you. Someday, they will show you their true nature, and it’s going to hurt like hell. Now staying in your own peaceful company doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

The truth is, life is too short for fake friendships and relationships.

No one is going to give you back the time you wasted on hollow people and meaningless relationships. Being afraid of staying alone is only going to stop you from meeting people whose intentions are as pure as yours. If you continue wasting time on the wrong people, you wouldn’t have time for the right ones. Life is too short to spend it with people who never support you and only make you doubt yourself.

That’s exactly why you need to put effort into finding people who elevate you and make you feel good about yourself. People who would be there for you at any cost. You need to spend your life with the ones who light your fire and make your soul shine. People who would always have your back no matter what.

Spend your days with the ones who make you smile and support you on the way to achieving your life goals. Be with people that feel like a hot cup of coffee in the morning, while the sunshine gently kisses your face.

Be careful who you give your love and your life to. Make sure you don’t blow your life away for people who only think about how to bring you down and hold you back. Surround yourself with good, genuine people who illuminate your path.

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