To find a true friend, you need to be one yourself

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends” – Virginia Woolf

The most efficient way to find a good friend who will be true to you is to be one.

However, before we dive a bit deeper into what kind of friend you might choose to be, we must stress the fact that honest, deep, and longlasting friendship do not happen overnight. They require patience and emotional investment.

So if you find yourself lonely, the best advice would be to work towards being the type of friend you always dreamed of having.

Be the kind of friend who calls when you are thinking of them and buys gifts just to put a smile on their faces. Be the one who texts them when you notice that it has been a while since you two talked to each other the last time, and says things like, “I miss you; let’s hang out and catch up”

Be the person that asks their friend how they are doing and then attentively listens to them because their answers truly matter to you. Be the one who never breaks promises and doesn’t vanish when they need you the most.

Be the friend that shows his or her feelings, showers them with hugs and attention, and doesn’t hesitate to say “I love you.

Be the type of friend that tends to their needs when they’re sick. Be the one who encourages them to never give up and pursue their dreams.

Be the one that doesn’t leave them behind no matter the difficulty of their situation. Be the friend who never leaves them to handle difficult times on their own. Be the one they know they can always count on for unconditional support.

Be the kind of friend who makes time for them regardless of your busy schedule. Be the one who enjoys spending time with them.

Be the friend that celebrates their achievements with them as if you are their biggest fan.

Be the type of friend that never leaves no matter how hard times may get. Whether the situation seems hopeless or your friend is just getting on your nerves, be the type of friend that stays on the ship.

Be the friend that opens up about the things that are pulling you down instead of pulling back. A friend that will fight for friendship as if everything is dependant on it.

Because these are the things real friends do.

They fight for their friendships with all they have and don’t give up unless all possibilities are exhausted.

Real friends are loving, honest, selfless without expecting anything in return.

Real friends are people that give more than they receive. They are always there when needed. They love their friends with every fiber of their being and they hold on to them with a tight grip. And they are fully aware of the priceless value of friendship.

Do you feel like you fall into this category of friends? Let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you enjoyed the read.

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