The 5 great benefits of having a brutally honest friend in your life

Honesty is sometimes considered as ‘hard to swallow’, but it is actually a breath of fresh air. The reason why is because it is a necessity for both personal and professional endeavors- the closer we are to an ‘objective and realistic’ perspective of ourselves and our actions, the better we become as people in general.

Therefore, a plethora of individuals could have the potential to take up the role of your ‘brutally honest’ support system: it could be someone of your close family members, your work colleague, or your friend. In this piece, emphasis will be put on the importance and value of having a brutally honest friendship with a straightforward person who will have your back.

Without further hesitation, here are the 5 beneficial sides of having a close friend with a brutally honest personality!

1. They won’t lie to protect your feelings.

From simple questions like“Does this look good on me,” to the more important ones such as“Do you think I am making the right decision to [insert every imaginable, complex life decision that ever existed on the planet],” you can rest assured that you will receive a prompt, honest response. It does not matter how delicate the topic of conversation may be, you can trust the truthfulness of the answer you are going to receive.

After all, when you are searching for clarity on an issue you would most likely want to be met with the reassurance that the person you are confiding in is sincere. Frankly, yes, there are times when the truthful opinion of a person/friend may not be perceived as pleasant by the ears of the receiver, however, it is necessary for personal growth. At the end of the day, it is always highly appreciated even if it is a struggle to accept a very different point of view sometimes.

2. They are fun to be around.

This goes hand in hand with their honest personality, as they are free-spirited, witty and have the tendency to make you feel at ease when you are in their company. Moreover, they possess a way of making you comfortable and more open to different opportunities- in general, they broaden your horizons quite a bit.

To be fair, their sense of humor may be one of the qualities that made you gravitate towards them in the first place. As sarcasm is the language they are exquisitely fluent in, you will have plenty of chances to be the center of their wit, as well as affection! Furthermore, people of this kind are adventurous, daring and constantly looking for new endeavors ahead of them. While you’re with them, you will most probably experience exciting opportunities, as you would pick up some of their daring characteristics.

3. They teach you how to stand up for yourself.

When you cross paths with an individual that has a straightforward attitude, you quickly become accustomed to the habit of standing up for yourself.


Well, because when you communicate with a person of that kind you tend to pick up on some of their qualities and end up bettering yourself in the long run. Your brutally honest friend is one that is very opinionated, isn’t afraid to speak their mind and by no means lets anyone walk over them. After certain time passes, you might come to realize that you have internalized those qualities as well (if you did not have them already).

Furthermore, the one thing they value the most is mutual respect. You can be certain that the bad habit of talking behind your back, backstabbing, or lying is out of the picture. On the contrary, they are in the business of living with dignity and pride, definitely not disrespectful behavior and ruthlessness. That makes them your trustworthy guide that has your best interest in mind.

4. They give the best compliments.

That’s true because you will be more than sure that they are sincere. When talking about a personality of this type, sugarcoating is not what they bring to the table.

If your hair looks bad- you will know.

If your outfit looks funny- that will be brought to your attention.

If you made a mistake- they will talk to you about it, rather than sweeping it under the rug.

The same goes the other way around. If you have achieved something, be it big or small, you will receive their unconditional praise. What’s great about it is that you will know you have earned it. It’s easy to give away compliments as a means to make someone feel good about themselves, but when they are coming from a genuine place…that is what really counts at the end of the day.

5. They are selective with their close circle of friends.

Yes, you must be special if you find yourself amongst their very close circle of friends. As they do not tolerate superficial relationships or even interactions, you’ll know there is a very good, special reason they like to talk to you and be around you so often. Therefore, you will have the peace of mind that you have a loving, truthful friendship that would most probably last throughout the years.

Even if you may find yourself arguing a fair share of the time, ‘true friendship’ are the two words that will do justice in the description of your bond. 

Consequently, having such a friend is a true stroke of luck that you should treasure. Having a genuine, heart-warming, and honest friendship does not happen all the time for us, so be sure to appreciate all the benefits that come along with it.

At the end of the day, having a brutally honest friend means two things: you will never have to worry about how your hair looks and, most importantly, you will know someone is looking out for you and has your back no matter what the circumstances may be.

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