7 More Important Phrases Than “I Love You”

Telling someone you love them is one of the most thrilling things you could do. But there are many other phrases that are just as, if not more important, and exhilarating to say.

Many of us get caught up in the concept of love so much that we often forget there are other essential things we need to say to someone in order to prove that our love is real in the first place.

And here are some of them:

1. “I understand”

When it comes to communication, understanding is sometimes all that is being sought. Letting the one you love know that you truly understand tells them that you’re not only paying attention, but you acknowledge and hear what they’re saying and where they’re coming from.

2. “I am here for you”

When you love someone, you don’t just love one aspect of their personality or life. You accept them as a whole, the good as well as the bad. The funny thing about love is that when you love a person, even the worst things about them look beautiful to you because those same things have helped your partner become the kind of person they are.

3. “I forgive you

Forgiveness is one of the most wonderful traits of human beings. It truly is the only thing that can repair relationships, be they between individuals, communities, and even entire nations.

4. “I stand by your side”

Ensuring your partner they have your support means the world, particularly if they’re going through a rough moment in life. It’s hard for you to succeed in your goals if it feels like the whole world has conspired against you… as well as your husband or wife! Knowing that they have your support, that they can rely on you, and that you believe in their character, will always be a great motivation for them to keep going.

You agree to back each other physically, mentally and spiritually. You help each other in whatever ways you can to make your dreams a reality!

5. “I miss you”

This special phrase communicates that when you are apart, you are thinking of each other and wish you weren’t apart. Your partner’s absence creates an emptiness in your life.

6. “I trust you”

If you have thoughts of jealousy, it can be hard to trust the person you’re with. But if they treat you with respect, dignity, and love, they should be trusted and acknowledged for those things.

“I trust you” lets your partner understand that you feel secure in your relationship and do not just trust their physical judgment but also in regards to relationship decisions.

7. “I am yours”

It’s crucially important that your special someone knows that you’re committed to them. You could not imagine being in a world without them, and this is why you will never leave them. It’s a great feeling of security knowing that your partner is fully committed to being yours.

Do you think we may have missed some important phrases? Let us know in the comment section below.

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