10 Major Flags That Would Help You Recognize Toxic People

We meet different people

Every person is a unique flower which needs water, sun and fertile soil to grow and flourish. It’s the same with interactions between people throughout life. We need good, positive but also challenging relationships to grow and to become beautiful individuals with beautiful personalities. And if we have to live in a toxic atmosphere which makes us feel envious and jealous, our soul could die just like a flower damaged by parasites and toxic chemicals.

That is why you should be careful about what kind of people you let in your life.

It could be beneficial to read about the ten most common traits of toxic personalities that could ruin your life:

1. Laziness

Laziness is a disease that can only be cured with hard work. It is a problem concerning people who don’t have goals to achieve. When we surround ourselves with lazy friends, we might become lazy ourselves. That could become a serious issue. A life deprived of dreams and ambitions condemns a person to vague and shallow existence.

2. Meanness

As such people often are hurt because of problems in their own life they try to make the others miserable by speaking nasty things behind their backs. These people think they’re smarter than the rest, but their interests usually gravitate around famous TV stars and getting the perfect beach body. In other words, they could be shallow and mean. You don’t need them. So try avoiding such individuals and surround yourself with good-hearted and intelligent friends.

3. Show off

Lady Gaga was singing …I live for the applause… This phrase has a lot to do with toxic people who live to show off to the others. They want their friends to know how happy, intelligent and successful they are. Poisonous people try to outsmart and outshine everyone. Remember, men and women who are prospering don’t need to prove it to the whole world. If they do, it means their success is not real, or they don’t feel happy with it. And are not a good example for you to follow.

4. Dramatize

On the other side of the coin are the so-called drama queens. These people are also toxic to the others. They are always in the middle of a drama. Life-threatening issues emerge all the time, and they never succeed in solving their problems. If you know such a person, this is a red flag to stay away from them. They like tragedy and want to involve others in it.

5. Judge people

They tend to be negative and to judge people. They are pretentious and complain very often, mainly when unforeseeable difficulties occur in their lives. And tend to blame others for spoiling everything. No matter if a situation is perfect, they would always find something that upsets them. The restaurant is too expensive; there is too much traffic, the party is boring… When you see someone’s negativity preventing you from having a good time, it’s better to end the relationship with this person

6. Stick to the YOLO motto

”You only live once” /YOLO/ became popular as an acronym, and has been widespread among students and youngsters since it reached a viral status in 2013. However, it’s more or less an excuse for something stupid that people did. Youngsters could act crazily from time to time, but this shouldn’t become a way of life, and you shouldn’t become too close with people who live by this motto.

7. Have addictions

People with addiction problems can be very stressful to handle and at times can even be threatening for our life. A contact with a person who has an addiction issue can be unpleasant and problematic. Addiction is a hazardous condition, and you should seriously assess the degree to which you connect with someone who suffers from it.

8. Criticize

It’s one thing when someone who worries about you shoots you straight and provides advice when it’s wanted, but it’s a whole new ballgame when someone is criticizing you all the time. If there is a person in your life that is judging you about the things you do and about your life choices and is imposing their opinion on you, it is probably someone who’s toxic, and you’d better stay away.

9. Monotony is killing their passion for life

They get out of bed, go to their job, work, come home, have dinner, and fall asleep. These are the 9-5ers. They may have had plans and goals, but everyday life has overwhelmed them and has crushed their dreams. That’s why they might be mean and quarrelsome with others. That reveals toxic personality, and you’d better distance yourself from them.

10. Behave selfishly

Toxic people only think of themselves and would seldom show any compassion for others. They could talk about their problems for hours without even considering that friends might also need to share their feelings with them. In a friendship, this could mean asking you to take care of their kids even if you don’t feel OK at the moment. They would expect you to change your plans to see them. If you reject their request, they might start guilt tripping you until you agree to do what they want.

Final words

We meet different people through our lives. Some are a blessing some are a curse. With a few of them, we become close while the others are just passers-by. Many of the people we meet in our lives could help us grow, but many could hold us back. So pay attention who you let in your life and most importantly who you allow staying. Here is a very reasonable opinion on the matter

Allowing people inside your life is a beautiful thing. Letting go of people who drain your spirit is another beautiful thing you can do for your life. The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go. — Dodinsky

Have you ever had anyone toxic in your life? Have you ended a toxic relationship? Share your thoughts, please.

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