She Loved You Truly But You Didn’t Care. That’s Why She Said Goodbye And Left Your Life Forever.

She wanted to be yours but you didn’t seem to care!

She was ready to do all that she could, to sacrifice everything just to be with you! She wanted you so badly. And all she expected was you to ask her to stay. To promise her you will always be by her side because you loved her as much as she loved you. But you never did that. You never even thought about it because you didn’t love her.

You meant the world to her.

She loved you just the way you are. She knew you aren’t perfect but she put her heart and soul into loving you despite that. She believed that sooner or later you would change and start loving her. And she was waiting patiently for the day when her dream would come true. Because everything she had ever wanted was you. Only you.

She loved you unconditionally.

She didn’t expect you to give her the world because the most precious gift for her was you. And all she craved for was your love and affection. She hoped that one day you would tell her you loved her. She was craving to hear these words. She wanted nothing but that. She hoped for nothing but your love.

But that day never came.

You couldn’t give her what she hoped for.

She thought that maybe one day you might look at her differently. But, she was wrong.  You just weren’t in love with her, and you never had any intentions of loving her. You weren’t able to love a woman like her.

She was an option not a priority for you.

Yet, you wanted to know that if one day all the other women you preferred to her left your life,  she would still be there, craving to be loved by you. She was on option. You wanted to know that there will always be someone waiting for you. A woman who would be yours no matter what.

You weren’t ready for her love.

Sadly, you never seemed to appreciate her the way she deserved. Yet she never lost hope that you will change. She was waiting patiently for you to understand that her love was different. That she loved you more than she loved herself. She would move mountains to be with you. Only with you.

But you never realized that.

You just didn’t want to. You never seemed to look seriously at her. For you, she wasn’t good enough. Even worse, you took her love for granted. You thought she’d always be in love with you. You believed she’d wait for you forever. But, you were wrong.

Yes, she finally moved on!

She realized how hopeless her love was. So she decided to leave your life and put an end to her dreams.

And then you changed. All of a sudden you realized how strong her feelings for you were. You realized what it is to lose someone who was always there for you. Someone who was so deeply in love with you.

Now you want her back, don’t you? But not because you love her. No. You just feel bad about losing a woman who wanted to be yours.

But it’s over. You lost her forever!

You lost her because you made her an option and not a priority. You lost her because you preferred other women to her. You lost her because she finally realized you only needed her to boost your ego but you never managed to love her truly.

She didn’t want to be a part of your life just to be your back-up plan. So, she found the strength to leave you! And now she is gone forever. A woman like that mustn’t waste her life loving someone who is not able to appreciate her.

You treated her disrespectfully. You ignored her. And you got what you deserved.

You lost a woman who craved being yours. Only yours. You lost someone whose only dream was to love you unconditionally. You lost a woman so different than the other women.  None of the girls in your life loved you that strongly. None of them.

But you know what?

She is once in a lifetime woman. A rare kind of lady whose love is pure and strong. A woman who loves her man unconditionally. And she deserves to be happy.

She needs a man who can love as strongly as she can.

Someone who would put his heart and soul into loving her. And yes, she will be happy one day. But not with you.

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