Top 5 Reasons Why Men Just Can’t Resist Challenging Women

Women know very well that men can often be quite choosy when it comes to dating.

For some men, shy women appear charming and very cute, while others prefer dating more open-minded and chatty chicks, who always find something interesting to talk about.

When it comes to dating challenging women, men appear to be quite divided in their opinions. Not surprisingly, most guys are firmly convinced that dating difficult women isn’t worth the pain, and yet they appear to be genuinely unable to resist their charms.

The situation must have appeared quite interesting to William Shakespeare himself, as he wrote The Taming of The Shrew (around 1590), where he provided something like a guide to dealing with obdurate girls.

If you’ve fallen for a challenging woman, better get ready for a real battle.

What may keep your motivation high is the fact that more often than not strong and independent women have a lot to offer to their men.

Below are the top 5 reasons why men feel irresistible attraction for challenging women.

1. Challenging Women Know Where They Are Going

Most men are naturally inclined to tell their dates, partners, or wives what to do. Well, with a challenging woman this strategy simply does not work, as she knows very well what her goals in life are. Moreover, she is determined to pursue and, ultimately, achieve them within foreseeable future.

As success always comes at a price, women who are challenging to date usually know what it means to sacrifice their leisure in the name of their career, for example. They are consistent in their actions and are not afraid to take calculated risks.

Once they set their eyes on a particular goal, they are ready to do what it takes to achieve it. Naturally, their standards for men are as high as their goals.

2. Thrill-Seekers Date Challenging Girls  

Men who tend to fall for challenging women who test them all the time are insatiable thrill-seekers, who are not afraid to enter the dragon’s den and the lion’s lair.  

Rather than settling for an ordinary girl, these dare-devils usually recognize difficult women as soon as they see them and won’t give up until they’ve conquered them.

For them, dating challenging women is the ultimate challenge and they just can’t resist the adrenaline rush this experience gives them.

Because challenging girls are almost always as intelligent as they are smoking-hot, challenge-seekers are attracted to them on physical, emotional and intellectual level.  

Although a bit rough, a relationship with a challenging woman is never boring. She is always mysterious and full of surprises, and she certainly knows how to keep a man’s interest in her.

Plunging into a relationship with a challenging girl is like whitewater rafting – you know the main direction, but you don’t know where exactly it’ll take you.

3. Dating Challenging Women Boosts Men’s Self-Confidence

Who says that dating a challenging chick is going to be easy? For one thing, men who are in a relationship with energetic and strong women should be ready for their demands, their requirements and their conditions. Yet, these never seem to be off limits.

Given an appropriate set of mind, men gradually learn how to handle more challenging women, and this boosts their dignity and self-confidence like nothing else.

It’s an invaluable life experience that they can take advantage of in many different situations. For example, having dated and tied the knot with a difficult woman, you’ll find it very easy to handle the demands of your boss and quickly earn a promotion.

4. Challenging Women Usually Know Their Price

Women who love challenging their partners at every step are quite classy. In fact, they are a fine example of how intelligence can be very, very sexy. Obviously, a girl combining the looks of a supermodel with the intellectual power of Luc Besson’s Lucy will never settle for a wussy guy, who’s been going about in circles for most of his life.

Difficult women behave the way they do with men, because they do not have the time and energy to deal with weak, indecisive guys.

It is not surprising that when dating a difficult woman she’ll always be trying to compete with you and prove she’s got the upper hand in whatever you two set out to do.

This does not necessarily mean she wants to “wear the pants” in your relationship. It’s just she wants to make sure you’re worth wearing them.

5. Difficult Girls Put Their Hearts in Whatever They Do

One of the reasons why men tend to feel instant attraction for challenging women is that they can instinctively feel their passion for life.

On a subconscious level, men feel that confident and strong women, who have passion for their work, studies, friends and family, will be by their side in sickness and in health, and will not make off when a rainy day comes.

They will be good and responsible mothers to their children and will make their daughters and strong, determined and independent as they themselves are.

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