9 Personal Traits Of Empaths That Make Them Hard To Love

Empaths are individuals who possess strong sensitivity and act with understanding and compassion toward others.

They often get exhausted if they spend too much time among other people because they tend to absorb their feelings.

Although empaths are blessed with many positive qualities, to love such a person could turn out more difficult than you have ever imagined. The reason lies in their character.

Here are 9 personal traits of empaths that make them hard to love

1. They need to be alone

First of all, empaths need to spend some time on their own. They want to stay alone for a while because as mentioned above when they meet with other people, they absorb their feelings, and this exhausts them to death. Being alone gives the empath an opportunity to relieve the emotional stress they’ve been through and regain their strength.

2. They Can’t say No

The empath’s warmheartedness goes as far as not paying attention to their own needs. Or in other words, empaths are always ready to help others even when they need help themselves. That could cause problems for their wellbeing. The inability of empaths to say no is something that could certainly make the relationship with them difficult. An empath can’t set their boundaries and might spend a lot of energy and time on people and situations that probably don’t concern them.

3. They Pay too much attention to details

This is a result of their highly sensitive personality. Empaths usually notice small details. Because of that, they can’t stay focused on one thing. This trait of their character could be annoying and difficult to bear. Certainly, it’s not nice to have a partner who gets distracted easily by insignificant things while you expect them to help you do something really important.

4. They behave like your parent

The empath thinks it’s his or her obligation to help, heal and guide others (especially their partner). As a result, they could start behaving like a parent. But loving your significant other doesn’t have anything to do with being their mom or dad. Successful relationships are based on mutual understanding, respect, and equality.

5. They fall for emotionally hurt people

For empaths, love equates to helping others. For this reason, they try to save people and very often fall in love with someone who has problems and needs emotional support. Most often the empath starts a relationship with the narcissist. Unfortunately, such relationships usually end sadly.

6. They are honest

Empaths are honest and always speak the truth even though they try to say it without being harsh. Although being honest is a positive trait in general very often the truth is painful and difficult to handle. As a result, at some point, the empath’s partner or friend could start feeling uncomfortable because they have to deal with too much honesty.

7. They are always busy helping others

Empaths are a very different kind of people. The reason for that is they always help and heal other individuals and often forget their own needs. Sadly being good to others could be fatal to the empath’s personal life. There comes a time when their partner starts feeling neglected because the empath is always busy with someone else’s problems.

Here is what Mateo Sol, writes in Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing.  This explains why empaths feel so deeply they have to help and heal others:

“The sad thing that many of us empaths don’t realize is that often our desire to heal others is a disguised cry for help for our healing. Because many of us weren’t taught how to value or nurture ourselves at a young age, we tend to seek out our healing in the healing of others unconsciously.” 

8. Too much stress

Many empaths struggle with mental conditions like anxiety and depression because they always feel the pain of others and tend to personalize other people’s emotions and actions. The fact is that empaths are highly sensitive. That could cause too much stress and could lead to emotional exhaustion.

9. Their love is strong but complicated

Last but not least the love of the empath is intense, sincere and unique. Being loved by an empath means being cherished and appreciated. Having someone who’s always there for you no matter what. However, these people are sometimes difficult to bear – they are too honest, they give too much, they are too sensitive to other people’s problems. And that makes them difficult to be loved by someone who doesn’t see the world through their eyes.

The truth is that empaths are like emotional sponges.

They absorb the emotions of the people who they have contact with. Their kind, sensitive souls, are a blessing for the ones who need emotional help and support but for their families and friends, the empaths could be a heavy burden.

The empath’s sensitive personality could be the reason for falling apart of their relationships. Not too many people would be happy to have a partner who spends most of their time and energy helping others. That is why empaths are hard to love.

Have you ever loved an empath?

Please, tell us in the comments.

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