4 Things You Should Never Forget If You Love An Empath

Empaths have a few quirks that make loving them a unique experience.

When you find yourself with an empath in your life- whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial- you start to learn that loving them requires a certain level of authenticity and honesty. There are things you say and do which can cause alarm or distrust in an empath, and it’s best to avoid trying to hide anything from them.

Aside from those previously mentioned, there are a few things you should never forget if you love an empath:

1. Their Heart Has Been Broken Before

Probably many times. An empath goes through life with a learning curve that usually hurts. Because they give so much of themselves to others, they often find that their heart takes a heavy toll. A heart they openly wear on their sleeve.

When an empath loves, they love deeply, with everything they have. To be fair to them, you should do the same.

2. Empaths Need Transparency

You might as well be honest and straightforward with an empath because they will see through to the truth anyways. Don’t risk lying to them, or hiding some parts of the truth, because once that trust is broken it is nearly impossible to repair. Talk about your emotions and how you are feeling, and remember that communication is vital if you want things to work out in the best way possible.

3. They Can’t Always Express How They Feel

Understanding that the empath is not always able to verbalize what they are going through is one thing everyone should remember. You’ll notice that they may suddenly burst into tears, or ask for a hug out of the blue. Having an empath in your life means being prepared for an emotional roller-coaster ride at any given time. Go with it, and be as supportive as possible. As confusing as it might seem to you from the outside, imagine how the empath feels having all of that go on inside.

4. They Love You But They Need Their Space

Empaths need alone time. It doesn’t mean they love you any less, or that there is growing distance. It means that they need to recharge their batteries, and clear their energy.

Empaths spend the day energetically helping others, which can be very draining. To recover, they spend time in nature or in the house, but they have to be alone. You have to remember not to take this request for space personally. It’s part of their self-care routine.

Loving an empath is a gift, but not everyone is ready for it.

Love is never easy, and at some point it will require effort from both parties to make it work. However, loving an empath starts off difficult because a lot of people aren’t prepared for that kind of honesty, authenticity, and emotional freedom. If you are lucky enough to have an empath in your life, remember to show them they are appreciated. It might seem like a small act to you, but empaths rarely are shown the gratitude they deserve. It will mean the world to them.

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