It’s Not Only Women Who Leave Men. 3 Reasons Why He Chose To Leave

I’m sure many of us have experienced a breakup, some breakups being harder than others because well, you just didn’t see it coming, especially from him…

A lot of us like think that we are in control and that if things were to go south we’d end it before he could, and in a perfect world that would work. However, men are human just like women, they have feelings, likes and dislikes, preferences and an array of emotions which, sometimes they don’t always let people, including their girlfriend see.

You see, the truth is, we are all simple creatures, its our emotions, and the understanding of those  emotions that complicate things.

There are usually three things that cause men to leave the women they love. Understanding these reasons will put your breakup into perspective and possibly help you to understand why he broke it off.

Below are three explanations as to why men break it off with their women:

1. He felt as though your relationship was competitive

Masculinity is a very important part of a man’s life so if he begins to feel like he has to compete for control within the relationship he’s going to start feeling inadequate and emasculated. 

*Note the following*: NB

I’m not saying that a man should control the entire relationship, because that’s not how a successful relationship works. Successful relationships are built around the fact that both parties put in 50/ 50 and each allow the other to take control in situations best suited to their skills or expertise, for example; If the man has knowledge of cars and mechanics, he would take control, if let’s say your car breaks down.

Relationships are about compromising and trusting your partner, if this doesn’t happen he may never feel worthy, or willing to fully open his heart to you. Competition is for kids and games, men already have to compete with other men and would rather not compete with his lover.

2. He felt as though his love wasn’t good enough, which lead him to feel inadequate

It’s no secret that some men shy away from emotional pressure, some even run for the hills when the start to feel like they are being pressured into opening up.

Have you ever asked him for more love, attention or sex?

Have you ever felt as though you were chasing him?

Did you ever feel like you were constantly trying to talk to him in order to ‘fix’ things?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to anyone of those questions then there was probably an imbalance in your relationship and he most likely began to feel pressured and a sense of inadequacy. Just know, that its not your fault.

Some men are afraid to give 150% in a relationship because they are afraid to commit because committing means opening up emotionally. A man needs to feel as though he is enough and that his efforts are enough, so that’s why they requires patience, trust and time. When given patience, time and trust, you will find that he is full of surprises.

3. He didn’t feel as though he was respected

Above all, men want to feel respected, they will not build a life with a woman who doesn’t respect him. Acceptance is another big factor in whether or not a man will stay in a relationship. He wants to feel accepted and respected and needs to know that his woman will have his back, even in his weakest moments.

A man will commit to a relationship built on trust and respect, because he knows that his foundations are solid and that he can safely open up to his woman.

Men are complex creatures, even more so than women. Its important to note the points above and to try and fully understand why he is the way he is, or why he left you. Maybe you can straighten things out with him or use this knowledge to fix the cracks in your current relationship.

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