8 definite reasons why many men are unable to handle strong women

Strong women have the capability to withstand struggle and pain and remain rock-solid in the face of the most egregious misfortunes and injustices.

Sadly, these characteristics often make it difficult for many men to handle strong women.

Check out the list below to find out why.

1. Strong women are honest

Strong women don’t have time for playing games. You’re late for a  meeting with her? Get ready to be told off.

She gets straight to the point. Her direct nature can make men feel uncomfortable, but whatever you ask her, at least you’ll hear the truth.

2. They embrace intimacy

While most men need and embrace physical intimacy in its most carnal sense, strong women desire more nuanced forms of physical intimacy as well as wide-ranging emotional intimacy. Although many men are willing to delve into these other forms of intimacy, if they are unable to put in the necessary effort to succeed at them, they’ll have little hope of thriving in relationships with strong women.

3. They know their worth

Even if people don’t see it, a strong woman knows what she brings to the table and will not let anyone tell her otherwise. While some will love her for it, others will hate her, but she doesn’t care either way.

4. They are excellent lie detectors

It’s easy for strong women to spot impure intent or unnatural behavior and body language to uncover half-truths and lies. Hence, it doesn’t normally take long for them to understand when they’re being misled by a dishonest partner, and deal with the situation accordingly.

5. Strong women won’t wait for you

A strong woman is not going to wait for you to make up your mind. She is too preoccupied with life to wait around for a hesitant man. So, if you cannot commit, you need to get out of her way. Even though like everyone else she needs a special kind of love, if you cannot meet her standards, she is more than happy to travel solo.

6. Strong women ask the tough questions

A strong woman will always probe a man deeply with questions most men are ill-prepared to answer.

Questions like “What is your purpose in life?” and “What makes you happy?” make many men feel insecure, and if you hesitate or cannot answer them, a strong woman simply won’t bother getting serious with you.

7. Their goals come first

It doesn’t matter who she has in her life, a happy, strong woman always puts her goals above everything else. She won’t waste her time pandering to people who beg for her attention just because they can’t get their own act together.

8. Strong women don’t waste time on needy people

Needy, whiny people are not of interest to a strong woman, because she requires relationships that feed the soul, instead of sucking the life out of it.

Do you believe you fall under the ‘strong woman’ category?

Can you think of any more qualities that define a strong woman? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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