An emotionally strong woman would rather spend her time alone than in the company of immature assholes

You’ve probably come across a strong woman before and her presence is not one that is easily forgotten.

However, an emotionally strong woman is something else entirely.

Emotionally strong and mature women know sadness, despair and heartache all too well, and they have learned over the years to not let it affect them in a way which many of us do. They know that actions speak louder than words and that people, not all of them, tend to make empty promises which lead to disappointment.

Emotions are a powerful thing, we all have them but true strength is measured by how we allow them to affect us in the long run. Holding onto negative emotions can cause lots of damage and can halt any mission you’re on.

If you have ever met a strong woman she will tell you that you are the company you keep, so it’s important to keep positive and uplifting people around you.

Another thing she will tell you is that time is precious and that wasting your time on assholes is going to get you nowhere in life, no matter how much love you have for them. Some people ooze negativity and these are the people who will only end up bringing you down whether its emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Emotionally strong women spend most of their time practicing self-love and healthy interactions with friends and loved ones leaving them with very little time to tolerate assholes.

They know their worth and are not afraid to remove themselves from relationships and situations where they feel they are being taken for granted. If treated correctly they will in turn help the people around them who add value to their life because they know that one of the most important things in life is to help others grow.

Now when it comes to love, these women know not to go searching for it. Relationships are important but they are not the only thing life consists of. Sure, having a partner in life makes life more interesting but she knows that if you are not serious about being involved in a relationship then there is no point in being in one because playing with someone’s heart is something that only immature people enjoy doing and she’d much rather stay single than play immature games.

If she is going to get involved with someone it will be someone who adds value, positivity and growth into her life. A partner who she can build a life with, someone who is her best friend as well as lover. If they do not possess any of those qualities then she simply does not waste her time on them.

The same goes for friends, emotionally strong women know that toxic friendships can also lead to massive heartache and that is why they do not tolerate friendships that consist of gossip and constant let downs. All relationships can be seen as a tango, and as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. 

Emotionally strong women will not give up their sanity and strength for any one who takes them for granted because at the end of the day those people are not worth their time and effort.

They also know that the only person that can grant them true happiness in life is themself and that expecting things from people almost always leads to disappointment. Hence why they have chosen to become emotionally stable and strong.

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