The Difference Between A Girl And A Mature Woman

There are many differences between girls and women, one being that when a girl loves a guy she will either allow herself to be changed by the relationship, or she will try and change the guy in the relationship to suit her idea of the perfect relationship.

Women, on the other hand have matured, and in their maturity have learned that you cannot change anyone.

Girls love the love or, more accurately, they love infatuation.

When a guy treats them poorly they end up making up excuses for him and justifying his actions just so that she can continue ‘loving’ him. Infatuation is a very funny thing, it’s what we like to call the ‘rose tinted glasses’ faze.

However, women who have matured with age and experience in life, and in love have no time for rose tinted glasses. So when a guy treats her poorly she takes the hint almost immediately and either leaves or changes her approach to the situation.

Girl’s will fall for sweet talk and empty apologies. Most likely giving the man who broke her heart a second, third and maybe even fourth chance, which in the end will probably give him reason to abuse her kindness because he knows she will always take him back.

Mature women have seen it all and they are not that blindly stupid.

If someone has the audacity to break her heart, apologise, and then break it again, the only thing she does is give him directions to the front door.

You see, one thing women know that girls don’t, is that you can try with all your might to change a guy but if he is not willing to change then you will be the one left with a broken heart and years wasted on a lost cause.

Mature women simply walk away when the guy she is with is not willing to grow with her.

Love is complicated yes, but at the same time it’s pretty simple too. You must never lower your standards for anyone, if they truly loved you they would treat you with all the love and respect you deserve, without you having to tell them how it’s done.

Women know that life is better spent with friends and family than with a man who she doesn’t see a future with. Investing time in someone who is temporary is ultimately a waste of time and a mature women knows that time is very important and best not be wasted on temporary things.

Life is about living!

Living your life to the fullest, not relying on anyone but yourself to make you happy. Women who have matured know that spending time with immature men is futile and ultimately, a waste of time. In the end the only man who deserves the undying love and attention of a woman is her son, if she chooses to have one. If your chosen partner does not help you grow as much as you help him grow then it’s time to move on!

Disrespect and dishonour are two things mature women never tolerate. She will leave as soon as respect is no longer being given freely. She is looking for a partner who will walk side by side with her through life, someone who can be her best friend. If at any point there is an imbalance in roles she will make the necessary alterations to change the situation.

Women know that love is precious and should not be given in strain.

It should flow naturally, from one to the other, an equal energetic exchange. If this is not the case then she would rather spend her time improving and loving herself.

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