Emotionally Mature Women Would Much Rather Be Single Than Mingle With Assholes

Its no secret that dating someone can either be the best time of your life or the worst time of your life, and its no secret either that there are gems, and then there are assholes.

However, there is one thing that is crystal clear, and that is; emotionally mature women do not have time to deal with immature assholes.

This is why most mature women are either alone or in prosperous relationships. They are mature enough to remove themselves from the clutches of teeny-bopping immature people who only seek to dumb them down with their lack of understanding about how the worlds works.

Many of us are afraid to be single because being single means being lonely.

The difference between those people and an emotionally mature person is that they understand that being single is better than being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you, honour you or truly love you.

It’s also virtually impossible to truly love someone without truly loving yourself first. Happiness is key to living your life to the fullest, if you are not happy in your relationship its best you work on it, or leave. It does not matter whether or not the person you’re with relies on you, or how you not being with them will impact them negatively, the truth remains the same, your happiness is being stolen by the devotion you feel towards your lover, where your devotion should actually be directed at you.

Emotionally mature women have been though it all, they’ve been dragged down, and they’ve been trodden on, but one thing is certain, they always get right back up, dust themselves off and move on because they know that even though their relationship may be over, they now have the chance to learn, mature and grow as a person.

Being alone, void of any assholes or immature people is giving yourself the much-needed respect and time that one needs in order to mature.

Being single can literally be the best days of your life, it’s the days you get to truly learn every aspect of yourself, to become best friends with yourself so that no matter what, you are never dragged into the petty world of assholes.

When we learn to love the journey of being alone we can begin to see how and where we fit into the grander scheme of things. We can begin to decide what we like, what we don’t like, how we want to treat others and how we want others to treat us. This is all an important part of maturing into the best versions of ourselves which only places us one step closer to real happiness.

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