A strong woman builds others up because she knows how it feels to be torn down

I don’t think there’s a woman alive today who hasn’t felt what it was like to be torn down.

Sometimes it’s because of her gender – she doesn’t advance in the workplace, isn’t respect by men, and is abused and harassed by society at large. Sometimes it comes from other women, tearing each other down to try to get ahead. But strong women know that other people doing worse isn’t how you do better.

Strong women help uplift the women in their lives. Why?

Strong women know that everyone does better when everyone does better.

Strong women understand that people, be it groups of friends, coworkers, or entire civilizations for that matter rise and fall together. Sabotaging someone else doesn’t put you ahead. All it does is set them back. No one gets any better in that situation. A strong woman realizes that everyone does better when everyone does better and she’ll work tirelessly to see those around her, regardless of their gender, advances in this world.

Strong women are always encouraging.

Strong women aren’t just looking out for themselves. Of course, they want to advance in the world and be the women they want to be, but strong women are filled with joy at seeing others reaching their potential as well. Strong women are happy to encourage the people around them to reach for the stars and shoot for the moon. A strong woman will take the time to mentor and foster growth in the people they know. It all goes back to point #1: everyone does better when everyone does better. And who better to help mentor, coach, and encourage than a strong woman?

Strong women are quick to forgive mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers, right? No one knows this better than a strong woman. Women in general are held to a higher standard than just about anyone else, and when a woman makes a mistake, it can be hard to live it down. It’s one of the ways women are torn down in our society. Strong women respond to this reality by being quick to forgive mistakes that other people mistake. Strong women are encouraging people – they would rather see you grow, develop, and learn from your mistakes than see you pinned beneath the weight of your mistakes for the rest of your life.

Strong women understand limitations.

Everyone has limitations, including women who are strong. Strong women recognize when and why people hit brick walls and can’t advance any further, and they’re understanding of this. To be strong doesn’t mean you’re able to blast through any situation or problem effortlessly. Part of being a strong woman is knowing when you’ve gone as far as you can go and need to look to others for support. Chances are, there will be other strong women to help lift you up.

Strong women don’t do gossip.

The only thing gossip serves to do is tear people down. Speaking poorly of someone behind their back doesn’t just hurt them, but it hurts you too. And strong women fully realize that. As a result, you won’t likely meet a truly strong woman who gossips and says mean things about others’ behind their backs. Strong women are proactive and want to see people improving, and petty gossip isn’t how people get better at being people. Talking directly to that person and in an honest and frank manner is what helps people improve. Not gossip.

Strong women share what they know.

One doesn’t become a strong person, woman or otherwise, by hoarding knowledge and information. To be a strong woman doesn’t mean you’re carving out your own space in the world, only to leave others in the cold. Strong women want to see everyone rise up and be the people they know they can be. A strong woman will share her knowledge with the world in the hopes that it may benefit them the same way it did her. Remember: everyone does better when everyone does better.

Strong women build loving, caring environments.

Strong women can certainly be fierce, but that doesn’t mean they’re cruel and uncaring. Strong women are some of the most nurturing people around. They love to create loving, caring environments that create opportunities for growth, development, and success for others. They want people in their homes, in their friend circles, and in their workplaces to feel comfortable, cared for, and right at home.

There’s no reason for a strong woman to create a hostile environment.

Hostility only serves to do harm to the people around her. Instead, you can expect a strong woman to be open, kind, and wise, creating situations for growth and improvement everywhere she goes.

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