6 Behaviors Your Significant Other Might Display If They Love You Despite Your Flaws and Insecurities

Unconditional love exists in each of us.

It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It’s not ‘I love you’ for this or that reason, not ‘I love you if you love me.’ It’s love for no reason, love without an object. Ram Dass

Yet, few moments are more precious than the one when you hear this special phrase, which is supposed to eliminate all doubts that the love you have for your partner is mutual.

But, does saying “I love you” could be a true reassurance of someone’s feelings?

Isn’t it the attitude of the partner only that could reveal whether they love us for real or not – after all it’s not the words that matter but the actions.

So while you are probably living in delusions that you’ve found the one, in reality, this might not be quite the case. Here’s the opinion of Britanny Burr, Editor at Large and Love and Relationship expert.

“When it comes to relationships, timing is never perfect and flaws are just a given.”

That is expected as people are not perfect neither are the relationships they establish with each other. Therefore, one of the major signs of reassurance of true love and devotion is whether or not your partner accepts and loves you despite your flaws and insecurities.

If you want to find out if your significant other accepts you for who you are you can take a look at these 6 behaviours outlined with the help of professional experts’ opinion that your partner would displa if he or she accepts you despite your flaws:

1. They know they can’t change who you are

We all know or have heard that a relationship is based on mutual compromise, as this is the only way for two people with different characters get along together.

“If you’d love them forever just the way they are today, “
Andrea Leiser, dating coach and matchmaker at Three Day Rule says, “this is a good sign they’re probably your soulmate. “You might hope that they’ll change in one way or another, but you can’t expect them to shift in fundamental ways.”

Here is why you need to pay attention if your significant other accept you for who you are and doesn’t expect major changes in you. If they love you and find you amazing the way you are.

2. They accept your opinion even if they don’t think the same way

Partners have differences, and this is normal. If your partner is willing to give credit to what you think even if they don’t agree with you, that’s a strong sign of respect.

On top of that, according to Diana Dorell, an intuitive dating coach and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again, if your partner regularly “asks for our advice and takes our opinion into consideration when making in important decisions in their life,” that’s also a telltale sign of love.

3. They accept your vulnerability

People often pretend to be someone they are not and would show their true colors (especially their negative traits) only to their closest ones. That’s why, if someone truly loves you, they won’t be afraid to accept who you are in reality and you won’t need to pretend in front of them because they already know you are not perfect. Here is the opinion of Laser:

“No matter how amazing you are or the relationship is, no one is doing absolutely everything perfectly. And frankly, I don’t know a single successful relationship that doesn’t take work,” 

4. They think it’s OK to criticize you

Contrary to the idea that love is kind and forgiving, if the partners are truly close, they might start criticizing each other because they want only the best for each other. Yet they should be doing it in a healthy and respectful way. Here is the opinion of Jordan Pickell, a therapist who supports individuals and couples to navigate relationships and find healing after abuse, provided for Bustle:

“Your partner may have reasonable complaints about things you do, but if the criticism is constant, you are slowly worn down into feeling bad about yourself like you can’t do anything right.”

5. They find you beautiful even on your bad days

If your partner loves you they will love you the same no matter if you wear your most expensive dress or you are cleaning the house with your old sports outfit on. They think makeup emphasizes your beauty, but you are as gorgeous without it.

“If your partner is planning to wear an outfit that is unsuitable for an occasion, or it does not flatter their body type, try to refrain from telling them the outfit doesn’t look good on them,” explains Davida Rappaport, speaker, spiritual counselor & dating expert.

6. They are not afraid of difficulties or arguments

The path of love isn’t a straight line, so if someone loves you truly, they won’t feel afraid when difficulties come on the way. And even if you have arguments and misunderstadings they’ll find a way to sort things out because they love you dearly and can’t live without you.

After all, nothing is perfect nor permanent in this world. So despite the mistakes and flaws if both partners choose to be with each other but not at the cost of major changes, their union is probably going to be a happy and a long-lasting one.

Does your partner accept your flaws?

Please, tell us in the comments.

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