10 Ways To Say “I love you” Without Saying A Word

Loving someone is always best communicated by action.

The actions you take to show your sweetheart that you love them mean more than words issuing forth from you mouth ever could.

Here are ten awesome ways to show your partner that you love them…without saying a word.

1. Act Spontaneously

Take the impromptu road trip. Spend an afternoon blowing bubbles and making up silly outdoor games that only make sense to the two of you. Take a fun class together -throw pots, learn to cook something a little different, become amateur stargazers. The point is, break out of your usual routine and keep your relationship fresh and fun by doing something spontaneous together.

2. Get on board with a favorite of theirs

He’s into disc golf? Try throwing a game or two with him. She loves a particular band (that you may not be crazy about)? Get tickets for the two of you to attend their next concert when they’re in town. The point is, try to enjoy their hobbies with them. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but spend some time with them appreciating what they enjoy doing.

3. Send a sweet text

Something creative, something crazy…you know best what they’ll enjoy receiving. Getting a midday text from you says “I’m thinking of you” and is sure to put an extra spring in their step.

4. Give an unexpected hug or kiss

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of spontaneous sugar? An unexpected hug or kiss says you’ve been thinking of them and communicates how much you love them without saying a word.

5. Wear a sexy outfit

He in a police or fireman’s uniform, she in a skimpy nurse’s outfit…let your imaginations run free! It’s easy to say you love someone when you wear a sexy outfit especially for them.

6. Set a date night and stick to it.

Corral the kids with a baby-sitter, let your parents and dear friends know you’re bricking your phones for the evening, and leave the phones behind. Give the babysitter the info about where you’re going in case a real emergency comes up and then go enjoy an evening together. Make it a regular part of your weekly or monthly routine so that you spend time celebrating your relationship.

7. Put out fresh towels

This may seem silly, but it’s a great way to tell your partner you love them. When the workday is over, they get to come home to fresh towels to use after they shower or bathe.

8. Turn on the outside light, and leave a love note for your partner if they are working late.

How nice it is to come home and be able to see your way to the door easily, and then to find a sweet note from you?! THAT’s the kind of nonverbal affection that really stands out.

9. Launder their clothing

Having fresh clothing is wonderful; not having to have done it yourself is even better. It’s not too great a hassle to throw in laundry while doing other things around the house, and it will make them feel super-special when they arrive home.

10. Cook their favorite meal

You don’t have to be a contender on a pro cooking show to throw together their favorite meal. It will absolutely make their day, too, coming home to a fragrant house and dinner waiting for them. Or pack their lunch, make breakfast on the weekends…whatever works for your partnership! Your partner is sure to appreciate it.

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