How to be Better at the Hardest Things We Face in Life


In life there will always be things that we have to endure, that no one wants to have to go through.

That’s just how life works. Just because some aspects of life are inevitable, doesn’t mean that we can’t take a better mental and spiritual approach to them. I like it think of it like this: Even the best boxers have to learn to take a punch. You can be the best boxer in the world, but if a single shot to the chin collapses you like an ill-stacked house of cards, you’ll never win. Life is very similar, in that you have to learn to take the bad with the good.

Here are 4 things that no one wants to be good at, and how you can handle them like a champion.


As much as death is a part of life, there are few things in life that are as devastating as losing someone close to you. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs may be, it’s important to accept that in the end – death is unavoidable. I understand that in some cases, the timing is sudden or the circumstances are unfair. But then again, when is death ever fair? When is death ever timely? In times of grief look to the people around you and understand that they are all feeling the same emotions that you are. When you begin to console and grieve with others in the same position that you are in, you may find that you are the rock that others look to for support and strength, and that is more important to them than you will ever know. Grieving is not an individual activity.


Nothing in this world can shake a person to their core quite like a good, old-fashioned, intense, heart-shattering breakup. All of the sudden a part of your life is just simply gone, and you know what – that is okay. For some, a breakup can be a relief, and for others it can be crippling. What is important here is to realize that the relationship ended for a reason. Even when you say, “well we could have worked things out”, clearly you are saying “we could have continued to struggle to make something that wasn’t working, work.” If both parties aren’t involved in “working things out”, then it will never work. Sometimes you just don’t want to be in a relationship with someone anymore, and that is okay. If you are the person that is on the receiving end of that kind of breakup, understand that there is someone in the world that wants to be with you, and that is more important than someone who doesn’t want to be with you. In so many breakup situations I hear people say, “well, what is wrong with me?” and the real question is “what is wrong with them?”


The most important aspect of disappointment is: are you disappointed in yourself – or someone else? There is a difference in being disappointed in yourself and beating yourself up. Disappointment in yourself is somewhat natural, but is rarely constructive. The same goes for being disappointed in others. Instead of dwelling on a failure, or on someone else’s failure, instead focus on where the problem can be corrected. Focus on new solutions, not old problems. What is done is done, and cannot be undone. I know that sounds so much easier than it can actually be in life, but it is an important mindset to maintain.


No one is perfect. For the people that just thought to themselves, “well I am close”, let me say that again: No One Is Perfect. We will pour our hearts and souls into things in our lives that simply will not work out. The funny thing about failure is that you can either let it destroy you or build you up. The choice is purely yours. If you see failure as a dead end, then you’ll never get past it. If you see failure as a speed bump, you’ll keep rolling forward in life. It is as simple as that. Just remember:

One constant truth about life is that it is always going to be throwing punches at you, and although you may be able to dodge some of them, eventually one is going to connect. Maintaining a good attitude, and focusing on moving forward are the two keys to not getting knocked out.
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