Every powerful woman was once a weak girl who decided to stand up for herself

Strong women aren’t born. They are shaped by the storms they survive.

Every powerful woman was once a vulnerable girl. And this vulnerable girl promised herself that she would never allow anyone to take advantage of her anymore.

When she was still an innocent young girl seeing the world through her rose-colored glasses, she thought everyone else is as pure as she was. She believed that villains existed only in fairytales and that the good always wins. So when someone was mean to her, she never said anything back. When others tried to put her down, she never treated them the same.

She used to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, no matter how harsh and disrespectful they were to her. 

Every time someone needed her, she would gladly go above and beyond to be there for them. Every time she saw someone struggling, she would do everything in her power to help them get through their troubles. But whenever she was grappling, no one was there to offer her a helping hand. Whenever she was in trouble, no one stood by her side.

Despite all that, she was still this selfless, caring, benevolent human being that put everyone else’s happiness above her own. Even when she was the one who got hurt, she always apologized for failing to consider others’ feelings. When her heart was broken, she still had love to give even to those who didn’t deserve it.

She blindly believed all the lies she was told because her sincere nature would never allow her to be dishonest. So, she childishly thought that everyone else is as angelic-minded as she was. Sadly, she had to go through many challenges, heartbreaks, and betrayals to realize that genuine people like herself are far too rare to find these days.

When it comes to romantic relationships, she was always the giver.

In her mind, if she gave everything she has, and if she loved the other person with all of her heart, there wouldn’t be a reason for them to let go. She believed in shallow promises and petty lies. She gave numerous second chances because she wanted to think that love conquers all.

But she eventually had to understand one painful truth. Love is not enough to heal an emotionally damaged heart. Being selfless and all-giving is not enough to keep someone who doesn’t care about you. Sacrificing everything you have and everything you are is not enough to fix a toxic person’s broken mentality.

So she decided she would never allow anyone else to play with her heart anymore. She chose to fight back and become the stunning warrior she is today. A woman who is powerful enough to stand up for herself whenever someone disrespects her. A woman who knows her worth and would never allow anyone to underestimate her presence.

She was once a weak girl, but she is now an admirable strong woman.

This outstanding female will never settle for anything less than she deserves. She respects herself enough to keep her standards high and never lower them for anyone.

Once she promised herself, “Never again!”, she found the power within her to handle every single challenge with confidence and grace. She finally understood that she has the strength to overcome all the hardships that come in her way on her own. This helped her realize that the person she needs to love and care for the most is herself.

She now conquers life with finesse and determination. She passionately goes after her ambitions with exceptional willpower. And she is willing to go above and beyond to make her dreams come true.

Although she had to learn the hard way that the only person she can trust is herself, she is grateful for all the life lessons went through.

When a weak girl promises herself, “Never again!”, she becomes a powerful woman.

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