The Eight Things Women Really Want

Thousands of pages have been written on the subject of what women really want, and a few good films have been devoted to this question either.

Now, you can rest assured the answer is near.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have to do with how rich, influential, charismatic or muscular a guy is.

Contrary to the common conviction that women are illogical and irrational, they are well aware of the fact that men aren’t perfect, just as they themselves are not.

So, if you’ve been working three jobs so as to pay off the Ferrari with which you think you’d impress the girl next door, stop it and read on.

Are going to the gym simply because you think you’ll impress your sister’s best friend with your sixpack? Well, you’d better find some more serious source of motivation and inspiration.

In fact, all that women want boils down to the eight tips I’ll give you below.

1. She Wants Your Time, Not Your Money

Bravely speaking on behalf of womanhood, many authors are quick to assert that expensive gifts are not important to women. Come on, let’s face it, a Gucci dress and a Prada purse certainly send a strong message to any young girl or a woman out there.

The thing is, money isn’t enough. I have many female friends who have on many occasions confided in me that they aren’t happy, despite the financial stability and security their husbands provide for them and their children.

“Hardly ever do I see my husband during the week and in the weekend he plays golf or goes skiing with his business contacts,” a wealthy lady sobbed in my ear not long ago.

It’s not that money isn’t important for women, they just need to feel certain that for their men, they are more important than the money they make.

2. Instead of Expensive Reservations, Respect at all Times!

Spending quality time with your partner or your family is important, indeed. If you can afford booking a suit in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah for your wedding anniversary, that’s even better.

What matters more to women, however, is the way you treat them every day, not just on special occasions. Every harmonious and long-lasting marriage or domestic partnership lays on the pillars of trust and mutual respect.

Women certainly remember the big gestures you make for them on occasion, but it is the small gestures on your part that make the big difference to them.

3. The Power of Perseverance

For a woman, it is not as important to have a very successful man by her side, as most men might think. What is important for her, however, is that the man she is with is trying hard to succeed.

Oh, and one more thing. Remember that women love us for what we say, so a few words of affection or a romantic text message every day will create a strong sense of satisfaction in your partner.

4. A Promise Given Is a Promise Kept

You do not need a degree in psychology with a major in marriage counseling to grasp how important it is to keep the promises you make to your wife or partner, do you? Every promise you keep creates in her a strong feeling of security and reassurance.

Since the dawn of time, these two factors have been every woman’s top priorities in her relationships with men.

5. In Sickness And in Health

There’s a lot of truth in your marriage vows, so they should be taken very seriously. I simply cannot find words strong enough to emphasize how important it is to be by your wife or partner in difficult times.

On a side note, you may skip childbirth if you do not have the nerves for it.

Apart from that, you should observe and attend all major family occasions and commitments, and be the support your wife has always wanted, especially if your mom’s coming over for the weekend!

6. Be A Good Listener

It is a common conviction that women love talking and, as a result, most men seldom lend an attentive ear to what their significant other says.

However, such behavior on the part of men does not go unnoticed. A may not always show it, but she always gets upset, when she realizes that man beside her does not care to listen to them.

7. Project Confidence

If there’s one thing women simply can’t resist, this is confidence in men. It is in their nature to be guided, so they subconsciously fall for men who are natural born leaders.

You need not have a solution for every problem that may arise. Just do not let her notice you haven’t figured it out just yet.

8. Showing Your Love Is A Never-ending Process

This last point probably sums up all of the seven factors I highlighted above. Thus, we may say that it synthesizes all conclusions we reached at so far and ultimately answers the big question of what it really is that women want.

Loving your wife or partner isn’t a job and therefore you can’t simply take a day or a week off.

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