4 Steps to Detox your Life, Starting Today

It seems like you can’t make it through your news feed these days without seeing an article detailing the benefits of detoxing your body in one form or fashion. For every reason there is to eliminate toxins from your body, there is an associated process, complete with a list of ingredients that you’d never think to add together and a warning of “minor digestive discomfort.” I believe wholeheartedly in removing toxins from the body, I just wish there was a process that didn’t involve spending a day in the bathroom.

So, if it is that important to detox our bodies, what about detoxing our lives?

With all of the battles that we wage and the burdens we bear, I think it is important to spend some time detoxing the soul as well. Cleansing your life, just like cleansing your body, gets rid of the toxins we build up, and makes way for the good things we need to keep us happy and healthy. The best part? No crazy ingredients. Here is the 4-step process for detoxifying you life that you can start right now, right this minute.


What is it that you’re truly afraid of? Sure, there are spiders, clowns, ghosts, flying bugs, whatever. I’m talking real fears. The first step to detoxing your fears is to figure out what they are. Just like you’d address a fear of clowns by going to the circus, you need to make a list of what it is that you are really afraid of in life. Once you have a tangible list, go through it and determine what you can and cannot change. For instance, if you’re scared of losing friends make an effort to strengthen your friendships. Face those fears just like you would if they were physical.

Toxic People

This one is common sense. Just like you’d flush toxic junk from your digestive system, you need to flush toxic people from your life. I assure you, we all have one or two people hovering around in our existence that we’d be better off without. Yes, we’ve tried to do the right thing and be a good person, but no matter what we do these people continue to drain us. Take a minute right now to consider the people you interact with every day, and the impact they have on you.

Hopeless Situations

No matter how hard we fight against the circumstances of our lives, there are going to be things that we cannot change. Sometimes it is the people around us. Sometimes it is the situations that we find ourselves in. The key here, just like our fears, is to address what we can change and what we can’t. Just like the serenity prayer suggests, you need the will to change the things you can, the strength to endure the things you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two.

Define your Life, The Way YOU Want it

I recently read a book called “Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose” by acclaimed author and speaker Jairek Robbins. In his book, Robbins takes you through an exercise where you envision your perfect day. Down to the smallest details. Then, by realizing how far or close you are to that perfect day, you work toward making your life just like that perfect day. Personally, I think this is a practice that we can all put to use every day. It’s not about dwelling on the things you don’t like about your current life, but how you can improve on them. Making every day your perfect day.

Just like detoxing your body makes your body more efficient, detoxing your life is the key to being healthier and happier.

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