7 types of behavior that would definitely remind your partner how much you love them

Sometimes we tend to forget that reminding our partner how much we love them is vital for preserving the trust between each other.

Especially if we are in a long-term relationship. Showing to them that we care is one of the key elements of every successful relationship. In fact, not only will this make your significant other feels happy, but it will also motivate them to treat you even better than before.

After all, this person has chosen you for a life partner, so they deserve to know that you appreciate this fact.

When it comes to expressing our romantic feelings, the first thing that comes to our mind is to tell him or her that we love them. Undoubtedly words are necessary if we want to show to someone that we care for them, yet they are not enough in the long-term. What matters is that your verbal reassurances of love correspond to what you do.

Or in other words that you can prove to your partner that you love them not only through words but through actions too.

And no, I am not talking about buying hundreds of flowers every month. Although it may be a bit surprising, the small things matter the most — for instance, covering him or her with a blanket when they fall asleep on the sofa. Or remind your partner that they have an appointment at the dentist, that kind of stuff.

Moreover, I am not the only one who says it. Even relationship experts think that you have to make small gestures of love for your partner every day. Or even better – your overall behavior should be oriented towards establishing healthy, strong, long-term, filled with a love relationship with your significant other. Sounds great right?

However, behaving in such a positive way to your partner is easier said than done. That’s why you might use some advice from professionals who know much more about love than you and me.

Below you can read which seven types of behavior relationship experts consider crucial for making every romantic relationship happier and healthier.

1. Communicate actively and openly with your partner

Communication is crucial for maintaining balance in every relationship. Sadly, many couples lack real, productive conversation. That is the case either because the partners are too busy or because they prefer to avoid unpleasant talks. According to experts, this is wrong and could lead to serious problems in your relationship. One of the most powerful ways to show your love is to talk to your partner, to ask them questions, and to answer theirs honestly.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be afraid to show them how you feel, especially when you are down. Here is what Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes, a licensed psychologist, dating coach, and the founder of relationship consultancy Rapport Relationships, explains to Bustle.

“Real intimacy comes from letting your guard down and allowing your partner to witness you in a less than stellar light,” she says.

2. Date your partner

Partners date before they become a couple or move in together. However, once the relationship becomes serious people tend to forget about the magic of spending a fantastic night out with their partner only. But going dancing or even doing something as simple as going to a restaurant together with your partner could have a very positive influence on the relationship. This opinion is also shared by Caleb Backe, health and wellness expert at Maple Holistics. Here is what he tells about that to Bustle:

“Spending time together means sharing experiences. Experiencing things helps you grow as a person, and when you can share those experiences with someone — particularly someone who loves doing the same things as you do — you grow together. Ultimately it is our experiences and memories that help shape us as people — when you share experiences.”

3. Share routines with your significant other

“I like bolstering rituals as a way of improving relationships,” relationship therapist Aimee Hartstein, LCSW says to Bustle. “Little routines that we share with each other.”

Chores could be annoying, so can all those little things we have to do every day. However, if you share these monotonous duties with your significant other, they could become an enjoyable experience. For, instance you could suggest to your partner that you always prepare together the dinner at the weekends. You could also ask them to wash the dishes or do something else instead of you every time you cook their favorite meal.

4. Ask questions

I am not talking about disrespecting someone’s personal space, but people who genuinely care for each other want to know everything about their partner.

“If your partner wants to know everything from your favorite color to your deepest secrets, it’s pretty clear that they can’t get enough of you,” Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, explains to Bustle.

So, don’t be afraid to let your partner know how strongly you love them. And how often you think of them. Ask as many relevant questions about your significant other as possible and don’t forget that they are supposed to do the same if they care for you truly.

5. Laugh together

Surprisingly, it turns out that a sign of a strong and healthy relationship is when the partners often laugh and joke innocently with each other. According to Katie Ziskind, licensed marriage, and family therapist, it is important to:

“Get silly and laugh together,” she says to Bustle

So, why don’t you try going to a funny play or watching comedies together with your partner? Although being silly may seem like the least likely way of expressing love, the funny moments you share will make the connection between the two of you even stronger.

6. Make plans for the future

Relationships can become “monotonous.” That happens when you’ve reached the stage of stability, and you’re not trying to make the bond stronger anymore. But this is not right. It’s essential to feel connected through all stages of your relationship.

“One subtle (but powerful) way to create a more intense connection with your partner is to sit down in a beautiful environment and set collaborative goals together,” Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman, relationship coaches and authors of The New Power Couple, say to Bustle.

“Create an action plan together. And watch how much more you are attracted to each other because you’re creating together,” they add.

7. Love your partner unconditionally

“It’s easy to berate a partner when they don’t do something they promised. Or they don’t meet your more frivolous expectations” explains to Bustle as Heather Ebert, dating and relationship expert. “But a little honey can go a long way in these situations.”

So try to prove to your significant other how deeply you love them by accepting them the way they are.

What kind of things you would do to remind your partner that you love them? Please, tell us in the comments below.

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