True Love Is Shown In Actions Not In Words

“It’s easy to say I love you, but much harder to show it. Be bold. Be in love—and show it. Love is like writing—show, don’t tell.”

― Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. Specifically ages 18-81

Do you remember the old saying which states that actions speak louder than words?

No one could deny the obvious- it’s absolutely true. After all, saying to someone that you love them is sweet but it means nothing unless your words correspond to your actions, So whether or not you love someone is actually proved through the behavior and attitude towards that person.

And this truth is valid especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

Not that hearing words of love from your significant other is pointless or unnecessary. Not at all! But it’s not enough. Action is important. It adds weight to our feelings and also requires emotional investment while words don’t.

Furthermore, acts of love have a much bigger impact on the receiver than words since their influence can be carved deep into the soul of the other person.

So when you are in a relationship you should pay attention if the words of love of your significant other coincide with his or her actions.

You don’t need a partner who tells you they love you to the moon and back but aren’t able to prove it by making sacrifices or compromising because of you and your relationship.

Loving is showing to the other person that you care for them.

Take a look at the following examples:

You know a woman who has been abused by her partner. Ask her why did she stay with him and didn’t leave him right away when he started abusing her. She’ll probably answer you that her partner (abuser) would tell her he loves her and reassured her that it won’t happen again. Yet he never stopped abusing her. What’s the moral of the story? Words mean very little.

Ask a woman who is happy in her relationship what makes her feel loved. She will probably tell you that her partner surprises her with a flower at work or cleans the house on his day off. Maybe he doesn’t complain if she is tired and doesn’t want to go out. And there are many more things he probably does to make her feel special.

So, please don’t promise something unless you mean it. Please, don’t let your partner throw dust into your eyes by loving you only in their words either. Don’t stay with someone who tells you they care and then listen to you with one ear while doing something else. The truth is that your boyfriend or girlfriend would turn off the TV or stop playing computer games in order to listen to you if their love for you is sincere. After all, only someone who really cares would be there for you when you need them.

Remember – love is this amazing feeling of deep concern and affection you have for that special person and it doesn’t need words to exist. You just feel it every time you see that special someone and your heart starts racing. Sometimes you get goosebumps when you hear that person’s voice or start talking to them. You don’t need to explain what is love yet you can prove you really love someone with your actions.

And if what you feel and give to the other person is reciprocated, then you are lucky to have found true love.

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