Are you mentally exhausted: 6 warning signs it’s time to give your tired mind a break

Do you feel as if you have no energy, no motivation, and no ambition to move forward? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then you are most probably emotionally drained.

While physical exhaustion can be significantly reduced with a simple good-night sleep, mental fatigue needs special care. But first, you need to be aware of the warning signs.

Here are 6 red flags revealing you might be mentally and emotionally exhausted:

1. You get easily irritated.

When a person is mentally tired, every little thing can get on their nerves. If you get easily triggered and annoyed, your mind might be more exhausted than you think. Oftentimes this feeling of constant irritation is a result of the powerlessness you experience while struggling with mental health issues. Remember that lashing out on others for insignificant things won’t help you cope with the pain. Instead, you need to find the source of your distress and figure out the best way to handle it without hurting yourself and others on the way.

2. You have zero motivation.

If you have no motivation to move forward and zero ambition to invest in your personal growth, you might be emotionally drained. Maybe you feel as if there is no point in making an effort, so you choose to stay where you are. Perhaps you think that stepping out of your comfort zone will get you nowhere. If you can relate, you might need to slow down. Give your mind a rest and let it guide you. Take a step back and rewind. And make sure you never forget that every single attempt towards personal improvement, no matter how small, matters.

3. You are struggling with anxiety attacks way too often.

Over-exhaustion often leads to anxiety attacks. Sometimes, when you are torn between work, family, and other personal issues, you feel beyond helpless. This damages your fragile mind more and more, making you allow negative, self-suffocating thoughts to take over. But if you learn how to control your emotions, you will also be able to control your reactions to these attacks.

4. You can’t fall asleep at night.

No matter how tired you are, you find it extremely difficult to close your eyes at night. The overwhelming thoughts in your mind wouldn’t allow you. All the warm milk and peppermint tea in the world has no power over the anxiety that keeps you awake. And when the new day comes, you feel constant dizziness and nausea. This repeats every single day. If these are issues you can relate to, you might need to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re struggling. There are people who would give anything to hold your hand throughout the storm, as long as you let them know you need their help.

5. You feel like crying for no apparent reason.

Most people who experience mental fatigue have their senses overly heightened. They reach a hypersensitive state, where every small thing is enough to make them cry. Maybe they feel as if the whole world is against them, or as if they aren’t strong enough to face the challenges life brings them. Whatever the reason, when your mind is hurt, it’s only natural to feel like crying. So, let the tears flow. This may be exactly what you need to cleanse your headspace and wipe out all the negative thoughts that strangle you.

6. You feel numb.

Sometimes, when the tears stop, you might end up feeling emotionally numb. You’re not in a bad mood, but you’re not feeling good either. You don’t really care what happens next. But you should care. Your mental health is as important as your physical wellbeing, if not more at times. So, if you sense you’re falling into an emotional numbness, remind yourself of all of the things you need to be grateful for, all of the loving people you are blessed with, and all the things you are capable of.

Your feelings matter. Your pain matters. You matter. And you have the power to overcome whatever challenge life throws at you. Never forget that!

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