Mental, Emotional And Physical Exhaustion Can Become A Serious Problem. 6 Warning Signs That Are Telling You To Slow Down.

Whether we know it or not, we are living in a rat race world that’s so fast paced we often forget to take time out and breathe. We’re constantly trying to make money to pay for our basic needs and expenses and in the long run we end up being exhausted and drained, both mentally and physically.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how tired we really are because we are so busy.

Mental and physical exhaustion can often have serious long term effects to your well being.

Luckily there is a simple cure for exhaustion, its called a relaxation and rest.

Now some of you might say you don’t have time for rest and relaxation and that may be true because your job may be very time consuming however, taking time out for your self in order to get proper rest is imperative.

Being overly exhausted can lead to mood swings, anxiety attacks, loss of appetite and sometimes in serious cases, hallucinations and black outs. When you are over exhausted you simply cannot function at your optimal level and that is why it so important to eat properly, exercise and get enough rest.

If you relate to any of these 6 warning signs you may be experiencing mental or physical fatigue maybe both.

Just know that it’s okay, and there is a way for you to get back on track, you just need to be patient with yourself and remember to breathe!

1. Everything and everyone irritates the living sh*it out of you.

You used to be able to tolerate everyday life and people but for some reason everything and everyone makes you want to board a plane that’s only destination is the moon. You’re fed up and the very thought of having to converse with people exhausts you and at some points makes you want to burst into tears and go into a 10 year hibernation.

Don’t worry, we’ve all at some point been there and felt this exact feeling. Do yourself a favour and take a few days off from the world, disconnect, rest, recharge and when you feel up for it again, go back into the world. You will notice a distinct difference in the amount of tolerance you have for life and all its people once you’ve rested and recharged.

2. You simply cannot find anything to motivate you, you’ve tried everything yet nothing works.

The things that used to motivate you just don’t any more. You’re finding it harder and harder to get things done. Deadlines are fast approaching and no matter what you try and do the creativity block just wont budge.

When this happens, (trust me it happens to the best of us) its best to leave whatever you’re trying to work on alone for a couple of days. I find getting fresh air and taking a walk helps to clear what ever blockages I may get when trying to work on something.

3. Your anxiety levels are going into over drive.

When you’re tired you begin to experience a lot more anxiety attacks than normal due to your exhaustion. This is one of the long terms effects I mentioned earlier. Stress is intensified with exhaustion and wont stop until you rest.

Suffering from anxiety is a terrible thing, I personally dread the feeling. However, if I ever feel one coming on, I analyse the possible reasons as to why I’m having an attack, then I take as many deep breathes as needed and remember to slow down and drink some tea. Try and centre yourself and remember that everything is exactly how its supposed to be. All things are in divine flow and everything will be okay.

4. Over exhaustion can lead to insomnia and yes that means you’ll have trouble sleeping.

One of the most long lasting long term effects of over exhaustion is insomnia. This means you will have endless sleepless nights. There will be times where your body is ready to crash but your brain just isn’t having it, so you lie there, awake, night after night wishing you could sleep. Insomnia can last for months, and eventually you get to a point where nothing seems real any more. Reality merges with dreams and dreams become reality. Insomnia is one of the most mentally draining side effects of exhaustion.

My only advise would be to put the breaks on the fast paced life before you become a living zombie always trying to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. So do yourself a favour and try get as much sleep as possible. Take care of your body and most importantly your mind.

5. Small, insignificant things upset you and lead you to the edge of cliffs

When you are mentally and physically exhausted your sensitivity levels heighten and you become a ticking time bomb for an emotional breakdown. Small, trivial and insignificant things begin to pi*s you off so much you stand a chance of becoming a serial murderer.

Don’t allow yourself to suffer like this, the small things in life are supposed to either make you happy or not bother you because they are so small. A tip on how to cope with this is to breathe deep and remove yourself from the situation. It’s important to take a step back and reconstruct your world, no matter how hard it is, it’s always going to be worth it in the end.

6. Suddenly you’re okay with feeling detached from the world.

Complete detachment from the world is not healthy. Being detached means being void of any or all emotions. Emotions are what make us human and to become void of that is to become an empty vessel of nothingness. This is another side effect of complete exhaustion, your body basically goes into auto pilot. Please do not, I repeat, do not, allow yourself to get to this point.

Over exhaustion can lead to mental and physical problems in the long run.

We need to look after our bodies and our minds, the one cannot function without the other. Sleep is vital and so is a healthy diet and daily routine structured around what’s good for you. The only thing you will get from taking time for yourself in order to recharge, rest and heal yourself is a new you!

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