5 Ways to Stay Motivated Once You’re Ready to Do Something

The world is becoming more demanding and fast-paced everyday. As a result, it’s easy to feel burnt out and unmotivated.

Just when you think you’re ready to pick yourself up again and start over, something happens along the way that can flip you like a switch. It’s not too long until you find yourself sinking. It feels heavy, but it feels familiar. You find yourself scared of fading and wanting to disappear again.

So, how do you keep going?

5 ways to stay motivated once you’re ready to do something:

1. Realize what you are in control of and allow the rest that you can’t to just be.

It’s powerful when you recognize that you are in control of how your life unfolds. This prevents you from living passively. We all feel lost at some point in our lives, and that’s okay. But when you allow your uncertainty to do the steering, you can easily fall into the trap of going through everyday motions “just because.” It’s easy to give ourselves less credit than what we deserve because it means taking less responsibility for our lives. Instead of shutting yourself away from taking control, embrace it. But, also learn how to let go of what cannot be controlled. Balance is key.

2. Surround yourself with positive people or those with similar goals.

It’s important to have people in your life who believe in your potential. Although it may be tempting to want to prove your nonbelievers wrong, you may be putting yourself at an emotional risk. I’m familiar with this—it can leave you feeling incredibly empty. If you’re going to be motivated, be motivated by healthy reasons. Do something because you care about it. Or, if you’re already feeling dejected, do something because you want to care about it again.

This is why it’s important to connect with positive people or those with similar goals as yours. Together, you can build a support system for one another when the going gets tough. Everyone falls down at some point. What matters is finding others who can lend a hand to help you get back up and try again.

3. Adapt a different perspective towards your obstacles.

Don’t be afraid of your struggles or challenges. Instead, build your resilience and focus on the benefits of growing from the mistakes you make. Setbacks can teach you the art of patience. It’s easy to get discouraged when you experience bad days or feel overwhelmed when things suddenly get more hectic.

Life is full of surprises, including the non-ideal ones, so it’s healthy to expect the unexpected, but don’t allow the temporary negativity to cause you prolonged suffering. Instead, take a step back and tell yourself that the storm will pass. I like driving when I feel dejected. The movement reminds me to keep going. Eventually, roads always take you to a new corner.

4. Break down your big goals into smaller ones.

It can be daunting when you have to execute big tasks. Rather than diving in blindly, it’s more helpful to first visualize what you want to accomplish. You can do this by drawing a map, creating an outline, or coming up with a list. When you break down a big task into multiple small ones, it makes it more approachable and doable. Since there’s only 24 hours in a day and only so much energy you carry before you feel burnt out and need to recharge, you have to recognize the limitations you possess and make the best out of your time and resources. This will help you learn how to prioritize accordingly.

5. Don’t forget to live for yourself and have fun in between.

If all you’re doing is work and no fun, then you’re putting your mental and physical health at risk. Don’t forget to enjoy life for what it is. Although it’s great to find something you’re passionate about, leave room for yourself to grow with your friends, lover, and family. I find that when I’m relaxed and rejuvenated, I am most inspired and come up with my best ideas.

Sometimes, it’s good to break familiar cycles of work and replace it with laughter or moments of joy where you try something new. Give yourself time to be who you are without your work defining who you are. It doesn’t make you any less passionate. Instead, you’re simply making room for valuable experiences that remind you why you were motivated in the first place.

How do you stay motivated?

Via Psych2Go

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