Anxiety And Worry May Be Linked To Higher Intelligence

Anxiety And Worry May Be Linked To Higher Intelligence

To all of you worriers out there, it’s time to celebrate your anxieties and here is why.
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In a recent study of undergraduate students, Canadian researchers found a direct link between anxiety and verbal intelligence and another study found that people diagnosed with anxiety tend to have higher IQs.

Those with anxiety often feeling gripped with confusion that leads to distraction in daily life, but because your higher levels of intelligence, you can get out of it, if you know how.

A short film from ‘The Science of Us’ explains in laymen’s term what that means for all of  you worriers out there.

The results break down into 3 main reasons:


It’s possible that people who are more verbally intelligent end up being mentally tormented by their own memory for detail, rethinking past events over and over in their mind whilst also dreaming up future calamities, all of which gets their brains to be more active.

2- Neurologically

It has something to do with ‘White Matter’, which is the material that facilities connectivity of neurones. Research suggest people who are more anxious tend to have more white matter. Which can speed up their mental processes.

3- Evolutionarily

Being anxious can make you more likely to form plans to help you in worst case scenario situations, helping you and your offspring survive.

There is no longer any point in fretting too much about the worrying because according to the researchers you have more of a chance of surviving as well. Take that Zombie apocalypse! Pow!
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How do you feel about this? Relieved to hear this news or did you already have an inkling? Please share your stories with us below.

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