15 Amazing Characteristics Of INFJs

They’re quiet, calm and reflective, but can react on the spot. Their powerful intuition expands their consciousness and allows them to be remarkably correct in judgments about others. What’s more, INFJs are socially intelligent and empathetic.

Here are a few other personal qualities of the rarest personality type (only 1% of people have it):

1. Faithful

INFJs are honest and reliable. They always try to treat others well and be compassionate. All of them are good friends, loyal, and devoted partners. INFJs won’t cheat to their partner. They believe in love and if the feelings are gone they’ll just go. People that have them in their lives are blessed.

2. Responsible

INFJs keep promises and achieve their goals. They’re responsible and people can rely on INFJs. They will never harm anyone but they’ll do what they believe is best. These people want things to go as planned and in the best possible way and often seem to be much like perfectionists.

3. Warm-hearted

These people are warm-hearted. They always want to help others to get through the difficulties in their lives. And that’s not all. They are the kind of guys who gladly share their knowledge and life experience.

4. Talented and Creative

INFJs are extremely talented and creative. Further, they can always give an alternative solution to a complicated problem. Because of their artistic talents, they adore art, music, books, writing, and would happily immerse themselves in all sorts of activities which require a big dose of talent and creativity.

5. Emotionally intense

INFJs are blessed and cursed at the same time because they’re emotionally intense. This means they have a complex sense of their personalities and live in a more complicated way than those who feel things less intensely. One example for their intense emotionality is they really care about other people’s feelings and act with a lot of compassion because of that. What’s more, if someone hurts the INFJ, they won’t show it. But they’ll probably suffer much more than the others.

6. Build strong relationships

INFJs have a small circle of close friends. They prefer quality over quantity when it comes to friends and partners. What they want are true friendships and not a circle of random acquaintances. INFJs are always nice and friendly and that helps them to be easily accepted by others.

7. Need Meaningful conversations

INFJs enjoy deep conversations. Shallow small talks aren’t for them. Moreover, since they have introvert personal traits, their desire for socializing is not always strong. Here’s why INFJs need friends and partners who have similar interests with them.

8. See the truth

They possess a strong intuition and sensitivity which makes them capable of walking in someone else’s shoes. They are good at predicting other people’s actions and see the truth behind someone’s lies. Many INFJs feel happy when they can share what they know with others so many of them become writers, counselors and leaders that help others.

9. Alone time

INFJs retreat from social life to spend time alone. They shut themselves off from the outside world and enjoy their own company. INFJs don’t want anyone or anything to bother them eiter. It’s the only way to restore their energy and emotional balance. It also gives them the opportunity to focus on their lives, problems, and plans.

10. Appreciate beauty

INFJs crave beauty in all its forms. Whether it’s a perfect place to live in, a great piece of art, someone’s appearance or a touching melody it won’t go unnoticed. Their appreciation of material beauty contrasts with their spirituality. But things that bring beauty feed the INFJs’ souls and supply them with the positive energy that makes them so special.

11. Help others

Not having goals or working to only pay bills makes the INFJs miserable. They know how to perform their everyday duties, but need to do important things. They feel the happiest when they give to others and there’s nothing in this world that could compare to seeing other people happy.

12. Never go with the crowd

Their individualistic characters make them do what they think is right. They’re ambitious, free-spirited and have a strong will. That’s why they aren’t afraid to express their opinion and act accordingly. They won’t let anyone take control over their lives.

13. Systematic and intuitive

They try to do things systematically when operating in the outside world. However, in their inner world, rely strongly on intuition and sensitivity. Thanks to their instincts they can find out the outcome of a situation or reveal someone’s intentions.

14. Expect understanding

They have many qualities but sometimes seem weird to others. So they need an understanding in the first place. To be their friend you should know what makes them happy or sad and how their inner world works.

15. Amazing parents

INFJs are gentle, loving and protecting. They make great parents who create powerful connections with the children. They’re ambitious and want their kids to be outstanding. So they could push things a bit too far. But usually, children of an INFJ receive a lot of love and parental guidance.

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Do you consider yourself an INFJ?

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