5 Plagues of the INFJs

The often-controversial, yet utilized by millions of companies all over the world, Meyers-BriggsType Indicator assessment, defines your personality based on how you answer the questions given into one of 16 personality types.

The INFJ type (so called as it stands for Introverted (I) Intuitive (N) Feeling (F) Judging (J)) represents less than 2% of the population.

These are not your dime-a-dozen ISFJs or ESFJs; INFJs are often “diamonds in the rough” for their incredible analytical skills and attention to detail.

Even these incredible individuals, though, turn up in sticky situations due to their personality type. Like any one of these:

1. What they probably think of you is downright mean.

INFJs take the cake for the smarter/harder dilemma in terms of work ethic: they just say do both. Work smarter and harder. They may perceive you as lazy, selifsh, boring or obtuse. Not that they will ever admit to any of these things. They judge you within an inch of your life, but they keep it all in their heads. The problem with this is, of course, that whatever your relationship is, whether it’s a colleague or supervisor or lover or friend, an INFJ is impossible to please. Making them happy by working or living up to their standards just isn’t good enough; they basically want you to be them. But also be you. But more so, be them.

2. They may be too serious for a relationship these days.

With all of the emphasis on hookups and throwaway relationships, INFJs just feel, well…left out. They are affable and able to talk with others but when the relationship gets more serious, it’s often too serious for their partners, who will often bail. The INFJ feels this strongly; losing a partner is losing the opportunity to help someone, and it’s like a piece of their soul leaving. INFJs love to help others explore their lives to their fullest potential, and in doing so, they create deep attachments that are horrifying to them when they break down.

3. INFJs are incredibly creative and original, and because of this they often will offer extremely helpful, intuitive ideas.

Even if they’re not giving up the best end strategy or goal, their ideas are often incredibly insightful and therefore helpful along the way. They operate is a state of aligning with the Blue Ocean Strategy, wherein their notion of competition goes away by simply ignoring it. Because of this, though, if their ideas are not accepted or are challenged or shut down without a lot of thought, they may write that person off immediately.

4. INFJs want to be leaders, but lack the driving, outgoing nature required of leadership positions.

They would be great leaders, but their introversion leads them to stick to the back of the pack instead of driving towards the front. As creative, highly intelligent, often artistic people, their ability to think outside the box would make them great leaders. Many of them simply lack the motivation to compete in traditional manners.

5. They are constantly thinking, coming up with ideas, and they will eventually share them…but quietly.

INFJs love to contribute and they often have great things to share, but they take their time to full process an idea before putting it forth. Sometimes, this means missing opportunities to assist by involving their ideas.

Do you fit into any of these INFJ dilemmas? What’s your personality type? Please let us know; we’d love to hear from you!

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