What Type Of Unique Personality Do You Have?

We are all unique. We have quirks and eccentricities that are our own, and we are all made up of different ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that shape our personalities.

Instead of asking, “do you have a unique personality,” let’s find out “what kind of unique personality do you have?”

Of course, there are countless answers to that question.

Trying to identify or describe something as unique as a personality can prove tricky.

After all, what is normal for you might seem really strange to someone else.

What is it about you that specifically makes you unique? For the majority of us, our response to the world around us is everything. What we feel, how we react to certain situations, and how we interpret what we see.

Each of us has a way in which we filter the things we see and experience. These filters are as unique as we are, and they are what helps us maintain our individuality. This is why two people can have the exact same experience and describe things in two completely different ways.

These differences in perspective are a huge part of determining what kind of unique personalities one might have. When someone is presented with an image and asked what they see, their answer will be unique to their personal experiences.

This quiz is based off that principal. You will see a series of images that can be interpreted several different ways.

Your answers will help determine what kind of unique personality you have based on your perspective.

You may be a…

1. Charismatic leader
2. Unstoppable dreamer
3. Quirky eccentric
4. Creative surrealist, or
5. Something else completely!

Written by Raven Fon

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