10 Extraordinary Qualities of The INFJ Personality Type

When talking about personality types we should mention The Myers – Briggs Indicator Test which was produced by Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers who used Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types.

The test divides the personalities into 4 groups:

and the results show which category you belong to.

According to this test, the INFJ personality type is very rare – only one percent of the population.

However, they possess some of the best characteristics people could have.

For example, they are considered genuine diplomats, because they have an inborn sense of idealism and morality. And that is only one of a long list of qualities.

To help you find out whether or not you are an INFJ we have outlined 10 of the most extraordinary qualities of these people.

Please read on as you might well be an INFJ personality type if you are:

1. Sensitive and understanding

INFJ people are usually very quiet, thoughtful, but also spontaneous. Their introverted intuition makes them very sensitive and able to react when they have to. They possess social intelligence, they are empathetic listeners and are able to understand difficult circumstances.

2. Conscientious

INFJ people are true and faithful to their close ones. This personality type makes them always do the right thing and try acting for the sake of the well being of everyone.

3. Responsible

INFJ people keep their word and stick to their decisions. They are very reliable, but would usually only trust their own feelings and their opinion about situations and other people. They like things to go as planned and in the best possible way to the point they may become perfectionists.

4. Determined but driven by your own values

INFJs need to have a reason for the things they are doing and when they have one, they could be really determined. These people are driven by their values and principles. And they usually act according to them.

5. Nurturing

INFJs are warm-hearted. They would gladly help people who are having difficulties in life. And not only that. They are always ready to share their knowledge if needed and help others get ahead.

6. Creative

INFJ people tend to be very creative. And not only when it comes to art but in all spheres of life. They have the ability to provide alternative and unusual solutions to different problems. Because of their artistic talents, they enjoy art, music, fashion, writing, and every other activity which involves creativity.

7. Deeply Emotional

INFJ personality types possess deep emotionality. They care about what others think and feel. They hate getting involved in fights but would never escape from a problem and would search for the most appropriate and harmless solution. If somebody offends them deeply or hurts their feelings, they probably won’t show it but would just walk away from the situation and the person. They also usually prefer quieter places especially when it comes to working.

8. Social, but not all the time

They could be extremely humble, quiet, and reserved, and at the same time chatty and funny when they are among their close friends. It depends on the situation, their mood, and energy levels — and most importantly, on the people, they are surrounded with.

9. Seeking meaningful relationships

INFJ people tend to have a small circle of close friends. They prefer quality over quantity, and always seek to establish meaningful connections and friendships rather than having a wide network of random acquaintances. INFJ relationships could be intense, but within a workplace, they are always friendly and nice to their colleagues.

INFJs seek deep connections with others. Shallow, short-term relationships are not for them. Moreover, since they’re kind of introverts, their social energy is not that abundant. So INFJs always seeks for friends or a romantic partner who is their “soul mates. According to Maya Angelou who is an INFJ:

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”

INFJ personality types are fairly rational idealists, except when it comes to love. Many of them have high expectations and look for a person who is their perfect match. Someone they could call a soulmate. Below is what David Keirsey states in Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence. Although he is talking about Idealists, in general, this is pretty much the case with INFJs when it comes to romantic relationships:

“Finding the rare person with whom they can share their inner world is difficult, a painful process of trial and error, and often they vow not to date at all for periods of time rather than go through the search… However, once the special person comes their way (the man or woman of their dreams), they can be carried away with their feelings, and give almost all their attention to pursuing the relationship.”

10. Able to create deep emotional intimacy

Although as mentioned above INFJ could be closed off to strangers or casual acquaintances, in reality, they are remarkably relational — it just could take some time for them to reveal this part of their character. They could feel other people’s pain and happiness, they could sense one’s true colors and would always try to walk in their shoes. Their skill to understand the others allows them to establish strong relationships of intimacy. And that is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this personality type.

So, if you possess most of or all of these qualities listed above you might well have the privilege of being among the people with the rarest and most amazing personality type.

Do you think you are an INFJ?

Please, tell us in the comments.

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